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Age is Just a Number - Zee world update Tuesday 14th July 2020

Age is Just a Number 14th July 2020: ON Age is Just a Number Tuesday 14 July 2020, Deepak sympathizes with Prachi and was thankful to Vaidika for unveiling Puneesh. Prachi comes to slap Shruti.

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Vaidika holds her hand after a single slap. She says Prachi’s anger is just but Shruti was trapped in sweet promises. Shruti complains that no one ever listened to her in the house and everyone always cared for Sahil. Sahil tells her to shut up. He asks what happened to her, at least she could have thought about Prachi. 

Gauri asks why Shruti never shared anything with her. Anjana asks Bari Amma what would happen if the news leak out, she was worried how she would get married. She says she warned Shruti not to take advantage of her independence. She ruined her sister’s life as well. Shruti accepts being the bad one and leaves the hall. Vaidika follows her. Anjana cries and faints out of shock. She was hurried to hospital.

At night, Sahil and Vaidika come across each other in the balcony. Vaidika says she was with Shruti, she cried badly but is fine. Sahil says he was with Anjana, she is fine. Sahil says he knew Puneesh was an evil person but didn’t realize he was such a bastard. Vaidika says Shruti is young and insensible, she may harm herself. 

Sahil wonders how she can do this to Prachi. Vaidika says a father figure is missing from her life, same as Aarya. This is why she is always strict with Aarya, and after that incident with Mohit she thought she has failed. She tells Sahil to be Shruti’s support and her friend, only he can save her today whom she should rely upon. 

Otherwise she would shatter. Sahil thanks Vaidika, smiles and walks away. He turns around to watch Vaidika going other way, Vaidika turns at another moment to watch him walking away.
Nidhi was worried about what she must do. What if Puneesh tells everyone the truth, Sahil would throw her out of the house as well. 

She calms her down else she might get wrinkles. She finds Prachi crying and decides to lend her a shoulder and get her favor in this house. She comes to Prachi and consoles her, she understands what’s she is suffering. She assures being with Prachi at any cost. Prachi wonders why he did this to her. Nidhi tells her not to cry, she shows self-pity that even her husband calls another woman as his wife. She asks if Prachi would be her strength. 

Prachi says she will be thankful to Nidhi for standing with her at such a time.
Yash asks Vaidika how she would celebrate her victory. Vaidika says there is nothing to celebrate. This family has no mistake in all this, she needs to keep the family connected. Nani over hear the conversation. Yash says everyone take advantage of her good will, no one from the family stood with Vaidika when Puneesh hurt her. Nani comes to second Yash but Vaidika says there is something called humanity. She still has the feelings.

Deepak was in the room drinking. He makes Gauri take his shoes off and shouts at her to wash his feet and drink it. He minds Gauri that they won’t get someone like him. Bari Amma considered that Puneesh superior than him, and he looted the respect of a daughter of this house. He sends Gauri to get the dinner and was happy that Bari Amma’s hand moved today. Tomorrow she would stand up, and Yash will have to leave. 

Even Nidhi has fallen weak after Puneesh. The paths are getting clear for him.

Vaidika apologizes Anjana but she had no other option to bring the truth to all of them in such a way; Shruti isn’t pregnant, she said this to Puneesh on her advice. Anjana was relieved a little, but says her respect has been ruined. Vaidika suggests that they must marry Shruti. They need to assure Shruti that she can get a man whom she can trust, a man can love and respect her and be a good friend. Anjana wonders who would marry her. 

Vaidika says not all men are bad, her son always respect women. He never blames a girl, and had the courage to love a woman older than him and a widow as well. Sahil stood outside the room and heard this. He wonders what kind of a game is God playing with him. He gets a call from the inspector that Puneesh is being released and planned an escape from Kanpur. Sahil decides he can’t let this happen.
Vaidika watch Sahil leave.

There, Puneesh offers the inspector any help needed from him. He was about to leave when Sahil reach there. He kicks and punches Puneesh then pulls a revolver from under his coat. Puneesh pleaded Sahil not to shoot. Vaidika was about to following Sahil in the cab. Sahil shouts that he would punish Puneesh for all his wrong doings and won’t spare him in hands of law.

In the pensive Sahil can see a visual of being killed by a female. Sahil questions the fortune teller why his story with Vaidika doesn’t move forward. The lady knew Vaidika Mathur’s name already, and tells Sahil about his past life around 100 years ago. She says it was Karampur and a lot of people in this life were still with him. 

The Maha Rani of Karampur (Bari Rani Maa of today) arrive in the court and asks about the birthday preparations of her daughter Vaidika. She place orders of all the arrangements. Daai Maa (Nani of today) of the court appreciates her love for Vaidika, Maha Rani says Vaidika is the eldest child of her husband Raja Sahib and she had promised him to take care of her until she is able to take care of his throne. Daai Maa was hopeful that the day would soon be there. She then asks about Deepak, but Raani Maa changes the topic and instead asks about Vaidika.

Vaidika was riding a horse in the gardens outside. A guard comes to inform Raani Maa that Vaidika was seen going out of the court. Raani Maa was furious and parts the neck of the guard right there. She announces that if any guard let Vaidika cross the limits of security of the palace will reach such an end. She orders the guards to go and find Vaidika.
Vaidika boasts about being brave and able to protect herself outside the palace. She vows that in her throne horse riding and learning swords would be a mandatory for girls. There was an attack over her. She defends herself but Sahil jumps in and finds the enemies killing them with his sword. Vaidika smiles looking towards Sahil. A few ladies from the palace come to take Vaidika back to palace and says these must be enemies. Vaidika wish he had introduced himself to her.

In the palace, Raani Maa punished Vaidika’s guard. Gauri questions if she would really get spices thrown in their eyes. Raani Maa says Vaidika’s life is really precious for her. Vaidika comes there and requests her to spare all of them, she dodged all of them. They make is possible for her to sleep peacefully and must be rewarded. 

Raani Maa was worried watching a wound on Vaidika’s arm, the ladies say she was attacked in the forest but a young man saved her. Daai Maa rubs her hand to heal the wound. Rani Maa tells Vaidika she invited the King and Prince Sahil of Mandhara and wants her to marry Sahil. Vaidika didn’t want to marry Sahil but they all convince that Mandhara is a peaceful state. Daai Maa show Sahil’s face in her magic bowl, Vaidika smiles recognizing Prince Sahil was the same man who saved her life.

Vaidika come into the court. Rani Maa introduces her as her daughter, Princess Vaidika. She smiles while Rani Maa introduces her to Mandhara’s Raja Sukh Dev and his son Sahil. She announces a show of dance in their welcome.
Princess Vaidika day dream about dancing for Prince Sahil. Gauri comes to take her attention, Vaidika realizes the guests had long left. Gauri says Prince Sahil’s behavior was a little odd at the proposal of Rani Maa. 

Vaidika was irked, she decides she can’t let them leave without giving a valid reason. She takes on him in the corridor and asks for the reason of his denial. Prince Sahil says he can foresee many difficulties in this proposal due to difference in status and age. He is lesser in both. Vaidika tries to convince that she has seen true love for herself in his eyes; he might regret not accepting such a love today which is beyond age and status. Sahil wasn’t convinced and turns to leave. On the way, his dress takes a fire from the candle on the way.

 Vaidika runs to put the fire off. Sahil holds her in his arm to save her from falling, they share an eye lock. As they straight up, Vaidika sends him to bath promising to send clothes through a servant.
Prince Sahil was in the bath when he notices someone had been stalking on him. He comes to take on the stalker silently and questions who he is. The stalker says he is happy that Prince Sahil has rejected Prince Vaidika’s proposal and touches Sahil sensually. Sahil pushes him away and leaves. Deepak says he would show how stubborn he is and right now only wish for Sahil.
Rani Maa scolds one of her guards that he was still unable to take Vaidika’s life. She is her step daughter and it’s hard for her to bear Vaidika’s face and her parents took promise from her to take care of their daughter. The guard apologizes that it was Sahil who saved her this time. Rani Maa cuts the guard’s neck with a sword. Dev asks why she filled her hands with the blood of a mere guard. Rani Maa was worried that Vaidika was the heiress of this throne, she can’t bear her alive anymore and wants Dev to be the heir of Karampur. Deepak come to her demanding a price to stay silent upon hearing her planning.
Daai Maa was worried knowing Vaidika’s life was endangered for the next fifteen days. Prince Sahil comes there to help Daai Maa help save Princess Vaidika. He had heard the planning about Vaidika’s murder in a room in the palace and vows to protect her at any cost. Daai Maa says she values Vaidika’s life dearer than her owns. The next morning, Daai Maa appoints Sahil as Vaidika’s guard. Vaidika wasn’t convinced, but Daai Maa insists as she is the heiress of this throne.

Raani Maa curses the time she invited Sukh Dev and Sahil and discusses with Dev that they must remove Sahil from their way. Dev suggests this won’t be wise. Raani Maa thinks there has to be someone as strong and wise as to face Sahil. A guard brings a letter from Gautham, Raani Maa smiles reading the letter. Later, Raani Maa was happy as Gautham and Dev drink together. She felt lucky to have a son in law like Gautham. Gautham was revengous of Vaidika and determined to turn Vaidika into a maid in front of the subjects she disgraced him in front of. Raani Maa was happy of his plan. Raani Maa invites him to the birthday dinner.
At the birthday celebrations, Daai Maa thinks she wished Sahil stood here as Vaidika’s life partner. Gautham arrives in the court and was offered a seat by Raani Maa. Raani Maa says Gautham sent a wedding proposal for Vaidika after Sahil’s rejection, they await Vaidika’s reply now. Vaidika who was already in a bad mood. Gautham apologizes Vaidika for the past incident and wish his life partner is equal to him in every matter. Raani Maa asks for a dance performance in respect of Vaidika. The dancers take Vaidika to join them. While Vaidika perform a few steps Sahil goes to stop her and olds her closely through her waist. Vaidika kiss his cheek while everyone was shocked. Gautham furiously shouts at Sahil and pulls his sword which Vaidika holds through her naked hand in midair. She says he is her guard, and she will even guard him if needed. If he wants to marry her, he must value the ones she does. Gautham places the sword back and leaves the court.
Later, Vaidika sat in the forest with her hand bleeding. Sahil comes to place a bandage over it. He asks why she held the sword, her wound could have been deeper. Vaidika replies not deeper than her love, no pain is deep in love. Sahil looks towards Vaidika and thinks he was stupid and didn’t realize her true love out of society’s fears. Both express their love for each other silently. Sahil vows to get rid of all their differences today, they will surely unite. The guards come to take Vaidika to Daai Maa. Sahil was gathered by some guards whom entrap him and Sukh Dev in a fire ring and attempt to kill them. Sahil promises he won’t let any harm to his father. A horse rider approach them and push a sword into Sahil, then killing his father. He then leaves on his horse.
In the palace, Raani Maa tells Gautham she invited Sukh Dev and Sahil because she wanted Vaidika to marry in a poor family. But she was unaware they will fell in love. Its good it will now be a matter of Vaidika’s destruction.
There, Deepak hurried to bring curative magic water for his father. Deepak tells Sahil that the magic water never lies, it will show Sahil how Vaidika is jealous of Sahil’s bravery and attempted to kill him and his father. He feels bad for both of them about what his sister did to them. Sahil looks into the magic water, the horse rider was Vaidika. Sahil hears his father calling and runs to him. Sukh Dev points towards Vaidika standing in the room and says she is the girl who attacked them. He breathes his last in Sahil’s arms. Sahil cries there besides him, Vaidika says this isn’t true but there was blood in his eyes. He wasn’t ready to accept her innocence and calls her selfish and proud woman who killed his father. Sahil says he considers the whole Karampur is his enemy and swearing to his father, he would revenge the whole Karampur now.
Vaidika comes to Raani Maa blaming her for the game to kill her and Sahil. Raani Maa laughs and signals her, Deepak pulls off the mask and vig off his face. Gautham laughs that for once even he was deceptive. Raani Maa says similarly he even killed Sahil’s father and no one could even be suspicious. Gautham was happy that Sahil was leaving the palace now.
Daai Maa tries to stop Sahil and says this is all some trick, it will take her time to find who is behind this. Vaidika tells Daai Maa to let Sahil leave. A single crack is enough to create differences in love. Sahil was furious and teaches Vaidika the word, hatred. He was determined to finish off her throne at any cost now. Raani Maa comes to Vaidika’s room now, she looked worried and shares with her a gossip that Sahil is planning to attack their palace. She suggests Vaidika to accept the marriage proposal of Gautham, only he can protect their palace in this difficult time. After they have left, Daai Maa suggests Vaidika not to marry Gautham, it doesn’t appear good to her. Vaidika says Sahil turned to her enemy of her throne, and she is ready to do anything to save throne even if she has to marry that Gautham for it.
Sahil walks from behind the curtains of corridor to Vaidika while she was getting henna applied for her wedding. Vaidika looked upset towards the Sahil who held her hand.
Daai Maa was performing some act to know about Vaidika’s future. Deepak decides that he will make Sahil punish Raani Maa as she parted him from Sahil.
There, Vaidika was in her room sitting upset. Daai Maa calls from outside the door but doesn’t come in as she would only watch her as a bride. She tells Vaidika that she can see in her magical water that Gautham will prove to be a good husband for Vaidika and love her dearly. Vaidika says she has taken the decision already, and it’s for her subjects. It was Dev from across the door and recalls how she had killed Dai Maa while she was walking towards Vaidika’s room to alert her against Gautham.
Vaidika comes to mandap for marriage. She asks for Daai Maa, Raani Maa insists on her to sit in the mandap while Daai Maa would soon be here. Vaidika sits on the mandap for a while, then thinking about Sahil she stands up at once. She announces she can’t marry Gautham and needs to speak to Sahil once again. Raani Maa shows her hatred off for Vaidika. She fights a few of the guards there but Sahil comes from the front. Vaidika goes to hug Sahil tightly. He stabs her with a knife to kill her then attacks the others at palace, finishing off everyone from the palace. While he turn to leave, Vaidika weakly calls Sahil’s name. A handkerchief fell into his feet, it was Vaidika’s mask. Sahil hurries to Vaidika at once. Vaidika curses Sahil that he disgraced her true love; he will crave for love, will meet it but would never get true love for next seven lives from now; she dies. Sahil stabs himself and dies right there.
Sahil complains the fortune teller that he has broken each rule of society, he will as well break the rule of each of his doing and will direly love Vaidika and write a positive ending of his love story. He stands up to leave.

Before Sahil could pull the trigger Vaidika reached the venue and moved Sahil’s hand up. The bullet was shot in the air. Puneesh fell back to the wall. 

She convinces Sahil that no one will be able to save Puneesh when his sin is proven in court. Sahil says he would buy everyone from the legal system. The revolver fell off, Puneesh holds the revolver and points it towards them now. He warns them to stay away and flee from there.

At Agarwal house, Deepak was worried and tells the family that Sahil may cause a harm to family. Prachi tells Deepak to speak well, after all Puneesh is his husband. Gauri was trying Sahil’s number but it went powered off. Sahil and Vaidika return home together. 

Deepak asks what happened. Sahil says he would have killed Puneesh, he was only luckily saved. Prachi questions if he wasn’t ashamed, after all he is her husband. Sahil says he will find him anyway and get him punished.
There, Puneesh was thankful to Nidhi for giving him shelter into this house. If she continue abiding by him, he will keep her secret. 

Nidhi warns that if someone ever finds this child isn’t Sahil’s, she will get his hands handcuffed. Sahil shakes Nidhi’s hand and touches them inappropriately, Nidhi jerks them. Puneesh tells Nidhi to treat Vaidika before Sahil, they need to snatch her arm and remove Yash from the way. He has a plan about how to do it.
Nani was getting her manicure and head massage in the room. 

Prachi and Anjana come in the room. Anjana says she called them here for Bari Amma’s massage as doctor’s prescribed. Prachi orders the massage girls to go to Bari Amma, but Nani insults her for her ego and says since her son in law has a 51% share on everything, they will massage her first.

Vaidika asks Yash why he looks so worried. She is aware about his intention to come into this house, she is sorry to demand him to wait until Bari Amma gets better. He isn’t someone who would attack someone who isn’t capable of self-defense. Yash says he agreed and will wait for it, but if Vaidika is with him in his mission. 

She is helping and sorting problems of this family and its members, she is helping his enemies; she must decide whose side she is on. Sahil comes there and says he was already suspicious about some reason behind this engagement drama. He salute Yash for helping Vaidika in getting justice for Aarya. He just asked Vaidika whose side she was, she was, is and will always be on Sahil’s side. He asks Vaidika to end this drama and tries to pull off her engagement ring. 

Vaidika says the engagement isn’t a drama, Yash is really her husband. Sahil says they must get married then. Sahil calls his friend, a Pandit for the Mohrat. He makes a video call to the Pandit. The Pandit suggests a good date after fifteen days. Sahil asks Vaidika if they must confirm the marriage. Vaidika was silent. Sahil says Vaidika can’t do this, and tells the Pandit to cancel any wedding but Vaidika says wedding would take place after fifteen days.

There, Nani comes to Bari Amma’s room dancing. She congratulates Bari Amma about Yash and Vaidika’s marriage. She asks Bari Amma what she should wear in the wedding and opens her wardrobe, selecting a dress from Bari Amma’s collection. She also takes some jewelry from Bari Amma’s. Bari Amma thinks if Vaidika really marry Yash, Indranagar’s filth will become a part of Agarwal family. She can’t let Vaidika live in the house else Sahil’s craziness will continue to rise.

At night, Sahil comes across Yash in the corridor. He warns Yash to leave the house, he won’t let him snatch Vaidika from him. Yash says Sahil and his family is safe till now only because of Vaidika, he won’t leave him or his Bari Amma easily. When Yash has left, Sahil was determined not to let Yash marry Vaidika.

Nidhi mix a medicine in Yash’s dinner and thinks Yash would die after eating it. She thinks no one can win over Puneesh in being a bastard. The medicine bottle rolls over the floor while Nidhi runs to a hiding. Yash comes to the dinner table. 

Vaidika comes to the dining room. Nidhi thinks Vaidika would now see Yash die in front of her eyes. The medicine bottle roll to Vaidika’s feet. There, Yash gets a call while he was about to begin the call. Nidhi wished to see Yash die and Vaidika go to jail as she served the food. Vaidika holds the bottle and was shocked to read ‘Poison’ on it. Yash had just taken a bite that chocked into his neck. She hurries towards Yash who fell off the chair, floss came out of his mouth.

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