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Zara’s Nikah Zee world update Monday 13th July 2020

Zara’s Nikah 13 July 2020: On Zara’s Nikah Monday 13 July 2020 update, Bullet is fired, Zara thinks Siraj killed Kabir but inspector has shot Siraj’s arm, Siraj falls down. Zara runs to Kabir and hugs him tightly.

He pulls her closer. Inspector takes Siraj from there. Zara cries and says I am sorry you got hurt because of me, Kabir says in Islam, its duty of husband to take care of wife. Zara says thank you for fulfilling it my priest. Shahbaz comes there. KAbir hugs him. Shahbaz nods at Zara and thanks God you both are fine, they leave.

Zara and Kabir are in car, Zara keeps smiling at Kabir. Kabir stops on a street. He brings Zara to a valley and says your parents were worried for you, talk to them. He video calls them. Zara smiles at him. Irfan and Salma takes call and sees Zara’s smiling face in valleys. Zara greets them, Salma

says thank God you are fine, why didnt you call? Zara says there was no network. Irfan says your mother was so worried, where is Kabir? Zara moves towards Kabir and holds his arm, he is surprised. Kabir greets them. Salma asks how he got hurt? Zara says I slipped, he tried to save me and got hurt. Salma says please take care, she ends call. Zara thanks Kabir. Kabir says why did you lie? Zara says I didnt lie, you got this wound to save me. She caresses his wound and lovingly looks at him. Kabir is surprised, Zara blushes. They leave from there.
Kabir and Zara comes to room. Inspector says to Kabir that you have to come with us for some paperwork. Kabir asks Zara to pack, Zara asks him to take care, he nods and leaves.

Shahbaz calls agent and asks if someone called Ruksaar traveled from Kashmir to Lucknow, Agent says yes some Ruksaar traveled yesterday. Shahbaz ends call and says dont know what this girl is upto, she will get me insulted too.

Shahbaz meets commissioner and says I want to thank you for handling all this timely. Commissioner says its good we captured all criminals and brought kids back fine but we couldnt find one girl in burqa who made fake profile. Shahbaz says I want you close this case here, kids are back. Commissioner says okay.

Kabir sees Siraj in police station, he says in whole Kashmir, you saw my wife only? Siraj says just try to look at my Zara from my eyes. Kabir rolls his eyes and gets angry. He recalls how Siraj asked him to divorce Zara. Kabir grabs Siraj’s collar and says I see my wife with my eyes and for my man’s wife is his respect and for that respect, I can give my life and I can take lives of people like you too. Siraj says if you want then I can still give you my whole world in place of my Zara. Kabir gets angry and starts beating him badly. Inspector pulls Kabir back. Kabir says respectable people cant give up their respect in return of world, its nothing to them. Inspector asks him to calm down, law will handle him. Kabir glares at Siraj. Shahbaz comes there and says I have investigated whole matter and closed file of this case. Kabir says closed? Shahbaz says yes I want you to end all this, we are respectable people, Zara is Lucknow’s priest’s wife and I dont want media to make stories because of this case, so I want no issue created because of what happened here in few days, not here not in Lucknow. Tell this to Zara too. Kabir rolls his eyes.

Scene 2
Zara is in hotel room, she washes her face and recalls how Siraj showed her fake profile, how he said that nikah is not a nikah then they have not united their bodies, how he told that she have already told him her marriage’s situation, how he told Kabir that wife is wife when you have shared initimate time with her. Zara thinks people knew about our relation in Lucknow but no one knew our bedroom situation in Kashmir then how Siraj knew it?

Kabir is in hotel room, Zara brings ointment to treat his wounds but he shakes his head. She applies ointment, he winces in pain. Zara blows on his wound. She recalls how Kabir didnt divorce and got beaten badly, how he agreed to give up life but didnt divorce her. He gets worried. Kabir looks at her. She shakes her head and smiles. She wipes his wounds on his face and leaves. Kabir smiles.

Kabir is packing his bag. Zara takes over and packs it. They keep smiling at each other. Zara takes his clothes from him and packs it. Kabir says dont worry, I can pack, I am habituated to it. Zara says then change your habits, you are married now. Kabir looks on. Zara says what are you thinking? Kabir says you came to Kashmir to enjoy and that Siraj destroyed all plans. Zara says he could have killed you but even then you didnt divorce me, why? Kabir says at time of nikah, you said that we cant have instant divorce, then how could I do it? Zara gets sad and says if he asked you to divorce me in some other way then you would have done it? Kabir says yes I would have divorced you fast, who doesnt like to save his life. Zara gets angry and says pack your bags. Kabir laughs.
Reema calls Zara and asks where are you? Zara blushes and says I am on my honeymoon, Reema says who lured who? Zara says priest did something that made me get lured. Reema says leave all this, listen to me, I have read book to lure boys. Zara says I know what to do, honeymoon is over, we are coming back. Reema says should I start knitting socks for babies? Zara says yes start knitting, Reema gets excited and ends call. Kabir asks what was Reema saying? Zara says I cant tell you. She starts packing, they both hold same piece of cloth. Kabir mistakenly puts hand on her hand. They both share eyelock.. Kabir removes his hand and takes cloth from her. Zara blushes. Kabir gets Shahbaz’s call and says okay. He ends call. Kabir says Shahbaz was saying that our flight is for tomorrow as there were no seats available today. Zara says so should we go to roam around? Kabir jokes that she want to slip again? Zara laughs.

Scene 2
At night, Zara and Kabir comes to their room and sees it decorated with flowers and balloons. Zara says I didnt do all this. Kabir says I didnt even ask you. Zara bangs her head, she runs away and goes to bathroom. Kabir is confused.
Zara wears pink nightie which Reema gave her. Zara looks at herself in mirror. She video calls Reema, Reema sees her in nightie and says if I was Kabir then I would have attacked you, you look so hot. Zara says you are going to get me killed, how can I go infront of Kabir, what will he think? Reema says chill, it was going to happen sometime, be brave, all the best, she ends call. Kabir knocks on washroom and asks Zara to come out fast, they have to go. Zara opens door. Kabir is stunned to see her wearing s*xy nightie. Zara approaches him and gets shy, she pulls on her nightie.. Ishq subhanallah plays. Zara comes near him, he cant look away. Zara tries to move away and thinks Reema gets me do all these things. Zara lies in bed. Kabir goes to change. Zara waits for him. She turns off her side’s lamp. Kabir comes out and sees her lying in bed eyes closed. He turns on lamp again on her side and pulls her blanket up. Kabir sees heart shaped pillow on bed with ‘love’ written on it, he puts it between them and lies beside Zara and covers his eyes with eye-mask. Zara smirks and turns off lamp again, she removes pillows between them and moves closer to Kabir. She tries to touch his hand but hesitates.. dil diyan gallan plays.. she smiles at him and finally puts her hand on his hand fast. Kabir takes off eye mask and sees her hand on his.. he looks at her and sees her eyes closed.. she opens her eyes and sees him staring at her, she closes her eyes being caught. Kabir laughs at her antics and moves closer to her, clutches her fingers in his and holds her other hand too, he turns to her and smiles at her, they lie close to each other and keep looking at each other.

Zeenat sees someone throwing things on bed. She comes inside room and asks who is it? Ruksaar comes out from closet. Zeenat says what are you doing here? what is all this? Ruksaar says I am throwing Zara’s things from Kabir’s room, I am trying to make his room like it was before his marriage. Zeenat says what if someone sees it? Ruksaar says dont worry, even if someone sees it, he will think Kabir’s bride is decorating her would be room. Zeenat says what if Zara returns? Ruksaar says life decisions dont change, Zara have gone to a place from where she can never return. Zeenat says really? Ruksaar says really. Zeenat says if thats the case then congrats on getting your Kabir.

In morning, Kabir wakes up and looks around to see Zara missing. Zara comes out of washroom drying her hair. Kabir cant look away. Zara blushes and says take bath, its time for namaz. Kabirs to take bath.
Zara and Kabir offers namaz. They are praying with their hands raised in air. Zara joins her hand with Kabir and prays, they smile at each other. Zara prays that God fill our hearts with love for each other. Kabir is surprised to hear it. Zara smiles at him, Kabir says ameen(agrees with it). Zara says sumameen(agree too). In lamhon ke daman plays. Kabir holds Zara’s hand, Zara joins her other hand with him too, they both touch their heads together and feel peaceful, they share eyelock, they recall their moments together. Zara stares at his lips. Kabir looks down. Zara

shyly moves away.
Shahbaz comes back to Lucknow. Ruksaar greets him. He eyes her and recalls how he got to know that Ruksaar went to Kashmir, how driver said that girl had animosity with Zara not Kabir. Shahbaz asks how is your aunt whom you went to see? Ruksaar says she got a nice doctor, she is fine now. She tries to take his luggage but he says its not needed. Ruksaar says I am your would be daughter in law so let me serve you. Shahbaz says but you are my daughter right now so behave like one. Ruksaar says then fulfill your duty to make me your daughter in law. Shahbaz says dont worry, I will fulfill my duties soon.

Zara and Kabir are getting ready. Zara says you didnt tell me what happened to Siraj? Kabir says forget about him. Zara says should I forget that he kidnapped me and gave you so many wounds, he should be punished. Kabir says he will get punished but Shahbaz wants us to forget everything. Zara thinks that I can forget everything but not that someone made my fake profile, I have an inkling who made it. Door bell rings, waiter says its your order. Kabir says we didnt order anything. Zara says I ordered it. She asks Kabir to tip him. Waiter leaves. Kabir says packing is done, what is this? Zara makes him sit down and opens cake, it has ‘ZK’ written on it and says this is honeymoon farewell cake. Kabir sits beside her and says is it important? Zara puts finger on his lips and says no argument priest. They light candle, Zara asks him to blow one candle and she will blow another, they do it together, they feed cake to each other. Zara cuts big piece and smears it on Kabir’s face. Zara laughs, Kabir is embarrassed and says this is misbehaving. Zara moves closer to him and touches chocolate on his face, she tastes it and says its not misbehaving, its naughtiness. Kabir eyes her, Zara triws to wipe it but Kabir takes tissue from her and wipes it. Kabir says I forgot today is Alina’s birthday, I forgot it. Zara says I have a great idea for her birthday.

Alina says to Ayesha that I wont celebrate my birthday, I waited for Kabir for 5 years to celebrate birthday with him and today he is missing with his wife. Ruksaar says Kabir wont stay there for long, when he comes back then we will take his class. Imran comes there and says to Alina that so what if Kabir is not here, we will celebrate your birthday nicely. Alina says when will Kabir come? Reema says pray, he will come soon. Ruksaar says all are praying for him to come back. Imran says yes I pray too, I pray Reema says yes soon. Reema smiles and says yes. Ruksaar whispers to Zeenat that I should get ready, Kabir must be coming.

Kabir is calling Zara but she is cutting his call. Zara comes near valley where Kabir is sitting. Kabir is mesmerized to see her in burqa. Zara sits by water stream and sprinkles water at Kabir, she asks what are you looking at? Kabir says this burqa? Zara says only burqa? Kabir says you are looking nice too in burqa. Zara says I look good in everything, you tell me if I am looking like priest’s wife or not? Kabir says um.. uh.. we have to go. Zara calls out to him and extends her hand. Kabir holds her hand. Zara puts her hand around his arm. He is surprised. They both leave hand in hand.

Scene 2
Whole house is decorated and Alina’s birthday starts in house. Alina comes there in red gown. Salma and Irfan are there too. Ruksaar says you are looking so pretty Alina. Ayesha wishes her birthday and says what you want in gift? Alina says give me permission to complete pilot course. Ayesha says dont ask me something I cant give, your father can give you permission for that not me. Ruksaar says dont worry Alina, I will get permission from Shahbaz for you. Ayesha eyes her.
Cake is brought for Alina. Ruksaar is waiting for Kabir. Alina says I will not cut cake without Kabir and Zara, we can celebrate without cutting it. Ruksaar says dont be stubborn, cut cake. Ayesha asks Alina to not deny your parents, cut cake. Alina is about to sadly blow off candles but Kabir comes there and says happy birthday. All are happy to see him. Kabir says my little doll sister, happy birthday. Ruksaar greets Kabir and takes his luggage. Alina runs and hugs Kabir. Salma sees Zara missing. Ruksaar smirks and thinks thank God, my Kabir came alone, it means Zara is with Siraj. Kabir greets Salma. Salma asks where is Zara? Kabir looks on and says she.. Zara enters house and sings happy birthday to you, happy birthday Alina. Ruksaar is stunned to see her. All are happy to see her. Zara hugs Alina and Salma. Ruksaar and Zeenat fumes in anger. Alina says Zara I missed you so much, it was not fun here without you. Zara says I missed you too and kisses her forehead. Alina says lets cut cake, she drags Zara and Kabir to cake. Zara hugs everyone. Ayesha says Alina prayed with heart, she didnt want to cut cake without Zara and Kabir. Reema says this Zara called me and Imran beforehand, she did all planning.

Alina cuts cake holding Zara and Kabir’s hands. Zeenat comes to Ruksaar and pulls her closer to family. All clap for Alina. Alina feeds cake to Shahbaz, Ayesha, Kabir, Zara and then Ruksaar, Zeenat. Imran says lets take family photo, all women come together. Reema says why only women? Imran says some men(hinting Kabir) dont like to take photos. All laugh. Ruksaar tries to stand beside Alina but Alina pulls Zara closer and says come in front bhabhi, she pushes Ruksaar to back, they take photos. Ruksaar angrily leaves.

Zara comes to her room to change her clothes. she starts unpacking. and sees some other clothes in her cupboard. She sees dresses and says these clothes are of Ruksaar. She recalls Siraj showing her fake profile, him knowing truth of her marriage, her story. Zara sees her stuff on dressing table too. Zara packs her clothes in a bag with her stuff.

Ruksaar comes to her room and thinks how could Zara return? how did Siraj let her go? impossible. Zara comes there with Ruksaar’s clothes in a bag. She puts it infront of her. Ruksaar looks on stunned. Zara says this is your stuff? Ruksaar glares at her and looks away. Zara grabs her arm and says by looking away you cant avoid trouble, listen to me carefully, be it my stuff or my husband, stay away from both otherwise you dont know punishment. Ruksaar says husband? inside bedroom or just outside bedroom? Zara smirks and recalls how Siraj said that wife is someone who has relation with husband inside bedroom. Zara says outside bedroom, inside bedroom and in Kashmir, everywhere Kabir is only and only Zara’s husband. Ruksaar says you are lying, Kabir cant be yours. Zara says I dont lie nor do I make fake profile of someone.

Zara says to Ruksaar that you thought I am a fool and wont understand this small thing? who is the one who can make such real fake profile of mine, can put such real photos on mine there? tell Siraj about everything from living room to bedroom, who can do it other than you Ruksaar? you thought you can play this game and I wont know about it? Ruksaar smirks and says who will believe on your words? Zara says to make people believe truth, I wont have to lie.. when I show Kabir IP address of this house used to access that fake profile then Kabir will believe it, sins leave their paths behind even when they are wiped, dont try think that you deactivated account so everything finished, police have reactivated that account. Ruksaar is tensed but says this house’s IP address doesnt have

my name and other people live in this house too, lets play this game, make Kabir believe that this profile is fake and mine and I will make Kabir believe that this profile was real and you made it. Zara glares at her and says tell you one thing, those who are eyeing other’s husband have to play games, I am Kabir’s legitimate wife, I dont have to play games, I will do something that will make Kabir insult you infront of everyone and throw you out of this house and.. if you dont want that to happen then make this night your last night in this house. Ruksaar is stunned and looks on. Zara says as daughter in law of this house, I order you that you have to leave this house and Kabir till tomorrow morning forever. Zara glares at her and leaves. Ruksaar fumes in anger and says no Zara, I would this world but wont leave this house and Kabir.
Reema says to Alina did Zara to sleep after honeymoon? Zara comes there and serves them gulab jaman. Reema comes to her and asks why she giving sweets to everyone? whats the happy news? Zara whispers her to shut up. Imran asks Kabir if there any happy news? Kabir rolls her eyes. Zara looks on. Reema takes Zara’s phone and says we will see all photos of Kashmir. Zara says let me show you, she takes phone from her and shows her photos. Ruksaar comes there. Zara eyes her and drops her phone mistakenly. Reema takes it and says your phone broke Zara. Ruksaar smiles at Kabir. Kabir asks Ruksaar everything fine? you look tense? Ruksaar says I want to talk to you Kabir. Zara looks on. Kabir says sit and talk. Ruksaar says not here, alone. Kabir looks on and says come. He leaves with Ruksaar. Zara says to Reema that you see photos, I am coming.

Kabir brings Ruksaar to room and says why did you call me? Ruksaar says I want to leave this house, feels like this house is closing in on me. Kabir says what are you saying? Ruksaar says just arrange some hotel for me. Zara comes there and stand near door, Ruksaar sees her. Kabir says if after my marriage, you feel this house is closing in on you then you shouldnt have made me and Zara get married. Ruksaar says that is a old thing, what had to happen, happened, I just want to leave this house, will you help me? Kabir says Shahbaz is owner of this house, he will take decisions, take his permission and then we will talk.. and if someone hurt your heart then I am sorry. Ruksaar thinks that its good, Zara hurts me and my Kabir says sorry. Zara comes in and says Kabir food is ready, Kabir says okay we will talk later, he leaves,=. Zara says to Ruksaar that dont think my Kabir is showing likeness, dont think its love because its pity and its like pitying a beggar and giving him money and this is pity is remaining till Kabir doesnt know your truth and if you dont leave house tomorrow then Kabir will not have pity on you and wont even feel bad for you. Ruksaar says you know Kabir from 6 months? I know Kabir since he was 6 years old, you can do anything but he will never throw me out of house because he doesnt break his rules. Zara says its not about rules, its about relations, positions, sometimes relations are made in 6 months too and our relationship is already made.. he will break it.. Kabir will break his rules for Zara. Zara says pack your bags, you will leave this house tomorrow or Kabir will throw you out, Ruksaar glares at her. Zara leaves.

All are sitting at dining table, Shahbaz says this biryani have nice smell, great cooking Ayesha. Ayesha says I didnt make it, Zara made it. Shahbaz tastes it. Ayesha says make this biryani on Shahbaz’s birthday too, Zara smiles. Ruksaar comes there and is about to sit beside Zara but she stops her. Zara says to Ruksaar that dont sit here. Ruksaar says why? all look on. Zara says this chair is empty but not for you. Ruksaar says who is going to sit here? Zara gets shy and says he will sit here (woh bethy gen). Zara says Ruksaar what time is it? Ruksaar says 9:30, Zara says eat and sleep, you have to wake up early tomorrow. Zeenat says what is going to happen tomorrow? Zara says Ruksaar have to go somewhere tomorrow, all look on. Kabir comes there. He greets everyone and sits beside Zara. All are stunned to see him sitting on chair for dinner. Kabir starts eating. Zara smiles and eats. Ruksaar asks Kabir if he left Sunnat of sitting on floor and eating? Kabir says never, leaving sunnat is against real muslim, right priest? Irfan says yes, you are right. Kabir says to say the truth, Zara told me difference between sunnat(good to follow) and faraz(must follow rules). Zara smiles at him. Ruksaar fumes in anger and recalls how Zara said that Kabir will break his rules for Zara, she starts to leave but Zeenat stops her. Salma sees it. Zara serves juice to Kabir. Ruksaar cant see it but Zeenat hints her to stay. Salma notices this and looks on.

Scene 2
Kabir serves tea to Kabir and says I am very lucky to have you but there are many people who preach religion but they cant earn, I want to open an institution to make them learn how to earn, how to become useful. Shahbaz says your thoughts are very nice but I think you should focus on becoming head priest. Kabir says I understand and I promise to become head priest, I know its your dram but this project is my dream and I want to start it but I need some funds, investments which I dont have. Shahbaz thinks and says okay, whatever your project is, make papers for it, tell me how much money you need and how much profit there is, once I understand the terms then I will give you money, he leaves, Kabir is happy.

In morning, Ruksaar offers namaz. Zara comes to her room with tea and says have tea. Ruksaar says you brought team for me? Zara says you bring tea for everyday, I thought this is your last tea in this house so I should make it for you, be careful.. its hot. Ruksaar takes tea cup. Zara says you have only 2 hours left, only 2, you are prepared right? Ruksaar angrily throws cup away and glares at her. Zeenat hears it and runs to her room. Zara says to Ruksaar that I have booked cab to come after 2 hours, pack your bags because you wont be able to comeback to this house once you are gone. Zeenat hears it and is stunned. Ruksaar says you are crossing limits. Zara says I will show your limits today.. keeping a girl in house because of pity and bringing a girl in house as a wife after nikah.. there is a difference between both and I have to show you that, only 2 hours are left for you. Zara turns to leave but sees Zeenat standing near door, Zara greets her and leaves. Zeenat and Ruksaar looks on.

Irfan says to Salma that I got so happy to see Zara and Kabir happy. Salma says but I was not happy, everything was fine, Ayesha takes care of Zara too but that girl Ruksaar, she is like a prick in my eyes, till she is there, our daughter’s happiness could be tarnished, Kabir’s father wants Kabir to become vice head priest, remember he talked to you about it. Irfan recalls it. Salma says make him vice head priest, we dont have anyone other than him and in return, ask Shahbaz to get Ruksaar married. Irfan says yes, he talked to me about it and I told you, you are thinking like him too. Salma says in this case, you have to think like him too. Irfan looks on.

Zara is making breakfast in kitchen. Zeenat comes there and says I want to talk to you, Zara says yes? Zeenat says can you and Ruksaar end this fight? Zara says it will end now, I will be happy in my house and she can be happy anywhere. Zeenat says you cant do that with her. Zara says I can throw her out and you know it because you are involved with her as she couldnt take such big action against me and Kabir without your support. Zeenat tries to keep herself calm and acts emotional. Zeenat says I have two kids, one Arman and other is Ruksaar. Zeenat says to Zara that Ruksaar is like my daughter, I promised my dying mother that I would never leave her alone, always be with her and if Ruksaar has to leave because of you then I will have to leave this house too. Zara looks on. Zeenat says my husband wont be like with me like your husband, they will forcefully make me separate from my son, my family will break and mother will be separated from a son, please forgive Ruksaar, she is a child, she does things, you have big heart, please forgive her, after today if she does anything with you then me, her elder sister will throw her out of house but please forgive her this time. Zara looks on.

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