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Zeeworld: Game of Love Tuesday 14th July 2020 Written update

Game of Love 14 July 2020: On Game of Love Tuesday 14 July 2020 Written update, Tia bleeds drinking the juice. Pinky says Anika has added glass in juice, enough of drama, I will kick out Anika today.

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Game of Love Tuesday 14th July 2020 Written update

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Sometime before, Shivaye hugs Anika and consoles her. She gets away from him and wipes her tears. He says nothing will happen, sit, Anika I understand, last few days were tiring and stressful, you take rest, forget this. She says I try to forget, but I remember everything seeing you, my simple 2rs life, when something big is happening, I don’t know what to do. He says I can understand, same thing is happening with me.

She says Shivaye, you are increasing my problems, you were fine before angry tadibaaz Bagad Billa, your avatar is confusing me, no I can’t fall weak, I can’t lose to love, I have to fight with myself.

Rudra asks Shivaye did you not go office. Shivaye says no, I was going to see Om. Rudra jokes that Om has become Tajmahal, everyone is seeing him, but he is not at home. Shivaye asks did he not come till now, he did not answer my call. Rudra asks is there any problem. Shivaye says nothing, tell me when he comes back. Rudra says fine. Shivaye goes.

Anika goes to Sahil and asks did your project not end till now. Sahil says no, its big project, this glass is to be broken well. She says you can’t do it well and takes the glass to crush. Tia looks on. Anika breaks the glass pieces into small granules. She says I will go and get glitter and goes. Tia comes there and puts the glass pieces in the sugar jar. Tia goes. Anika comes back and sees the stone grinder. She gets thinking. Tia looks on and smiles. She hides. Anika adds the glitter. Tia says thanks Anika, you made my work easy.

Tia sees Pinky and acts to have headache. Tia asks are you dizzy, maybe Anika added something in food. Tia says no, I was afraid and did not eat breakfast. Pinky says stupid, you kept my grandchild hungry. Tia says I was thinking to have juice. Pinky calls maid and asks her to take care of Tia’s diet, go and get orange juice. Tia says add two teaspoons sugar also. Maid takes juice. Anika asks what are you finding. Maid says I want sugar for juice for Tia madam. Anika says I will get sugar. She asks how many spoons. Maid says two. Anika says she is so bitter, two spoons are less. She adds sugar. Pinky comes there and sees Anika adding sugar in juice glass. She scolds maid. She taunts Anika and goes. She gives the juice to Tia. Tia gets tensed.

Anika comes that way. Tia sees Anika. She drinks some juice. Pinky asks her to have some juice. Tia says I can’t drink it. Pinky asks what’s in juice. She sees Tia’s mouth/lip bleeding and cares for her. Dadi asks what happened. Pinky says Tia just had juice. Dadi checks juice and sees glass. Dadi says its grinded glass. Pinky gets shocked and recalls Anika. Dadi says how did glass come in juice. Tia says its okay, I will manage. She gets up and gets dizzy. Anika rushes to hold her and drops the bowl. Pinky and Dadi see the glass granules on the floor. Pinky says Anika has intentionally added glass in Tia’s juice. Dadi asks what are you saying. Pinky says I have seen her adding glass. Dadi asks why will Anika do this.

Pinky says she does not want my grandson to get born. Pinky tells everyone that I did not say anything when Anika came here and made my son away, its about my grandson today, this house’s heir, I will not be quiet today, a decision will be taken today. She says Shivaye, you trusted Anika, see her doings, she is not Tika, she is a stain, you did not agree, this girl is dreaming of palace and tried to kill that unborn baby, she tried to kill Tia before by making oil fall, think, I have seen her adding glass in juice. Anika says I was adding sugar. Pinky asks Soumya to get the box. Pinky shows the sugar box and asks what’s in this. Anika says its sugar. She takes sugar in hand and gets hurt. Her hand bleeds. They all get shocked. Pinky says its not sugar, its your new doings, even Tia got hurt.

Anika says trust me. Pinky says enough now, you had this box, it had this glass, you added glass pieces in Tia’s juice. Anika says Sahil…. Pinky says shut up, Shivaye make her out of this house. Dadi asks Pinky to stop it. Pinky asks Dadi not to tell anything. She asks Shivaye to make her leave. Anika says I m saying truth Shivaye. Pinky scolds her and holds her hand dragging her. Shivaye holds Anika’s other hand and stops her. Tia gets irked. Shivaye says leave her hand….. Anika looks at him. Pinky says Shivaye… Shivaye says leave Anika’s hand. Pinky asks why are you taking her side. He makes Pinky’s hand away. He says Anika won’t go anywhere.

Shwetlana says someone has molested me, I asked him to leave me, he did not listen. Tej asks who is he, I will not leave him. She says Omkara. Everyone get shocked. Some time before, Shivaye says Anika won’t go anywhere. Pinky says she wanted to kill your child. He says I don’t believe this, its not necessary that what you see is true, you are mistaken. Pinky says this girl is not that she appears, I m your mum, I want your betterment. He asks her not to blame Anika wrong. She asks did I turn liar for you, don’t you trust me. He says I did not say that, all I m saying is I completely trust Anika, she can’t do this. Pinky says she did this twice, once Tia was slipping… He says enough, that day Anika saved Tia, she got hurt and did not let anything happen to Tia, I have seen this, I know she can’t do this, she is the one most worried for this baby in this house. Pinky says my Shivaye is not saying this, this girl has done magic on you.

He says you are saying this as you don’t know Anika, I can guarantee this, she can’t do this, no one will blame her, Anika can’t hurt anyone ever. Anika looks at him. Pinky says but you have hurt your mother Shivaye, you broke my heart, I will never forget this insult. She cries and leaves with Tia. Everyone goes.

Shivaye sees Anika’s hand bleeding and cleans th wound. They see each other. He says I m really sorry for whatever mom said, I will make sure no one talks this way with you again. She says but Shivaye, Tia and her child. He says the baby will be fine. She says you stood against your mother for my sake. He says its not about you and mom, its about right and wrong, I know Anika you can’t be wrong. She asks how can you say this that I did not do anything. He says I trust you Anika. She looks at him. He leaves. Everyone is with Tia. Doctor says Tia is fine now, take care of her, pregnancy’s initial months are very crucial, make sure she is not given stress. Pinky says we will take care. Doctor leaves. Anika gets food and says this is for Tia.

Pinky says we don’t want this. Dadi asks what are you doing. Pinky says I don’t believe Anika. Shivaye asks Tia to have food. Tia says what if Anika added something in it, I m scared. He asks her not to be scared and eat it. She bends to have food by his hand. He asks her to hold spoon and have food. He says Tia needs rest, we all shall go out. Shivaye, Anika, Dadi and Pinky leave.

Tia calls her mom. She says mom, even this plan failed. Mrs. Kapoor asks what, even after all this, I thought Pinky will create issue and kick out Anika. Tia says Shivaye took Anika’s side, you know he decides everything, even if we target one, the other comes to rescue. Mrs. Kapoor says don’t worry Tia, this time I will make such plan that Shivaye won’t be able to come to save Anika, just wait and watch.

Shivaye calls Om and says answer the call Om. He hears Jhanvi tells Tej that Om is missing and you are concerned for Shwetlana. Tej says if Om disappeared since morning, Shwetlana is missing since yesterday, I will call police. Shivaye says no, don’t call police, I will handle this. He calls security guy and asks any leads on Shwetlana, attacks are happening on my family, find out where is Shwetlana and with whom is she, I want to know who is doing this and why, Shwetlana is missing, I think she is responsible for this, don’t know who was the victim, Anika or Tia, what, why do you want to know who is Anika. Anika comes and hears him.

Shivaye says alright, this info is confidential, none should know it, Anika is my wife. She smiles. O jaana….plays……… Shivaye says I want to find the person behind the attacks soon, I can’t see Anika in problem or her life to fall in danger, Anika is very important to me. She cries and wipes her tears. He says do anything, find out where is Shwetlana.

He turns and sees Anika. He asks are you okay, do you have to say anything. She says I have to say thanks. He asks for what. She says for supporting me, for trusting me. He asks how shall I not trust you, our relation is on trust, after all you are my….. She asks him to say, why did he get quiet. He says I meant to say, you are my responsibility Anika, till you are in this house, till we get divorced, you are my responsibility, I mean you risked your life many times to save my life, its my duty, you are my responsibility. She says you mean Zimmedaari/responsibility. He says responsibility, and Shivaye Singh Oberoi never turns away from his responsibility. She smiles. He asks what.

She says you are strange, you know a book comes with washing machine and tv… He says its called user manual. She says right, I got it with my toaster, I think it should have come with you too so that you could be understood by reading it, sometimes you are Tadibaaz, sometimes you feel Michmichi to say sorry and sometimes you say sorry easily, you show Nakhre Noorjahan ke and sometimes you make Aloo puri for me, you are complete Rangoli, your eyes are Satrangi/seven colors and you have Saurangi/100 colors, you have many colors than shade card. He asks really? She says yes. He walks to her and says it means you have noticed me. She looks the other way…. He smiles. He gets a call and answers. He asks what….

Tej says why is Om irresponsible, what will we answer Chaddas, we don’t know where is Om. Shivaye says its your mistake, you did not tell us that Chaddas are coming to talk about Om’s alliance. Tej says sorry, I forgot, I did not know Om will disappear. Shivaye says I will not allow you to get Om married against his wish. Tej asks really, who are you to allow that, I m his father. Shivaye says you are Om’s father, then I m his brother, for me, his happiness is important than anything else. Jhanvi says I agree with Shivaye, Om will never do this marriage. Tej shouts I will decide this. Shivaye says sorry to say…

Pinky says Shivaye, why are you getting into this, let him do anything. Shivaye says you don’t get into this. Pinky says Tej is having relations with Chaddas to make his business prosper more than yours. Tej says exactly, so Shivaye does not want this relation to happen. Shivaye says I have no problem with this alliance, I have problem with forcing, I m happy if Om agrees happily, else this relation won’t happen. Pinky says we will know that when Om comes home, but Chaddas will come first, what will we answer them. Shivaye says we will meet them, no need to say yes to them, the decision will be of Om. Om comes and asks what decision. Tej says you got time to come home.

Shivaye stops Tej. He asks Om where were you since morning, I asked you to answer my call. Om asks what decision. Shivaye says Chaddas are coming to talk about your and their daughter Sonia’s alliance, you don’t take pressure, its two families’ meeting, we will take decision according to your wish. Om says whatever you say, I will do that. Tej says great, father kept saying and Om agreed on brother saying once. Om says such father and such brother, anyone will agree to brother. Tej asks him to shut up. Shivaye turns and sees Shwetlana. He says Shwetlana….

Everyone see Shwetlana and get shocked. Shwetlana cries and is in awful state. Tej asks where were you, what happened. She says I went to find home, I thought the people have problem with me, I should move out, he came there and molested me, I tried to stop him and begged him, he did not stop, then I fainted, I don’t know what happened with me. Tej asks who is he, I won’t leave him, who did this to you. She cries and points finger saying Omkara. Tej turns and looks Om. Everyone get shocked.

Mrs. Kapoor says Shivaye stop supporting Anika, else I won’t be able to stop myself. Tia says I m sure he has stolen the necklace. Anika says my brother is not a thief. Shivaye asks Sahil did you steal necklace. Anika gets shocked. Some time before, Tej asks who is this person, I won’t leave him. Shwetlana says Omkara, he has molested me. Shivaye asks what nonsense. She says I m not saying rubbish, I knew none will believe me, Tej see this, I have the recording, see what he did with me. Tej gets shocked and drops phone. Shivaye catches the phone and sees the recording – Om is seen molesting Shwetlana. She cries. Shivaye throws the phone away. Tej goes to Om and slaps him hard on his face. Shakti tries stopping Tej.

Tej asks why did you do this and slaps him again. He says you did not make my head high, you made your father’s head bow down with shame. He raises hand and Shivaye holds his hand. He says enough now Bade Papa, how did you believe that Om can do such a fallen thing, I will get involved when anyone blames my brother for wrong, you are saying about that video, even if Lord says Om did such thing, I won’t believe Lord, and Shwetlana is saying this, Om can’t do this. She shouts Shivaye, I have proof, you have seen it. He says I don’t believe any proof. Jhanvi says even I don’t believe this, my son can’t do this.

Tej says don’t talk in between, I m sure you are behind this, you have emotionally blackmailed him and filled hatred in his heart for Shwetlana and me, so he took this step. She asks him to think what he is saying. He says your and Shivaye’s support has spoiled Om. Shivaye says no, Om is not spoiled, he is a good son, such son on whom every father would be proud, sadly you could not understand your son, you are a big businessman, even then you don’t understand that gold and brass have a difference. He asks Om to say truth, don’t be quiet, I know this woman is saying lie. Om says what’s the use, where there is trust, there is no need to give explanation, where there is no trust, what’s use to give explanation. Everyone look on. Om cries and leaves.

Tej says when there is nothing to explain, what will he explain, this silence is big proof that he is guilty. Shivaye says no, he is not silent that he is guilty, he is quiet as he got hurt, his dear ones are accusing him. Tej says stop it Shivaye, stop protecting him all the time. Jhanvi says Shivaye is doing your work, don’t you trust your blood. Tej says no, I don’t trust anyone, I feel suffocated in this house, Pinky you were right, if there is nothing left in this marriage, why to bear burden, when my son has problem to call me father, why shall I stay here, so I have decided, I don’t have to bear this marriage burden and stay here, Jhanvi and me are over, I m breaking this relation today. Everyone get shocked. Tej takes Shwetlana.

Shwetlana sees Tia. Tia smiles. Om looks on. Shivaye stops Tej and asks him not to take big decision in anger. Tej sees Om and says whatever Om did, I can’t stay here in this house with him, if he was not my son, I would have killed him today. Shakti requests him not to leave house, let decision happen, what’s truth and lie. Shivaye says let any decision happens, don’t decide anything, its about house respect, if you leave, there will be many talks, it will affect family business, Chaddas are coming in evening, I m sure you don’t want your relations to get bad, give me some time, I promise I will sort this. Tej says I know its tough for you to stay here, I promise you will be safe here in my presence. Shwetlana acts.

Anika goes to Shivaye and says Shwetlana is cheap, she is framing Om, why is he not saying anything, I can understand your problem. Shivaye says no, you can’t understand, its matter of my brother, just don’t talk, I have seen girls come between brothers, I don’t want anyone to come in between us. She asks how can I coming in between. He says I m not saying that, I m saying this should not happen, none is imp to me than my brothers, I won’t bear anyone coming between me and Omru. She says I like this thing about you, I know Omru’s place in your life, I have seen your happiness is in their happiness, your sorrow is in their sorrow, you become a kid with them, you worry for everyone, but love Omru, I know what’s brother, like Sahil is for me, Omru is for you. He says it means there is something common between us, love for brothers. She says brother is not a relation, he is strength, then you have two brothers, don’t worry, everything will be fine, else you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi, you will make everything fine, you can do anything right. He nods and goes. She says really, Shivaye Singh Oberoi can do anything, I used to have michmichi with love, you taught me to love, I tried best not to fall in love, but it happened, I tried best not to go in front of him, but things spoiled, you did not leave any option for me. She cries.

Shwetlana says this had to happen, interesting thing is we are making new plans staying in their house and they don’t know, so called Oberois are getting trapped in our plans easily. Tia says except Anika, she is big threat for us, our plans will fail till Shivaye and Anika are together, they got close. Mrs. Kapoor says don’t take tension about Shivaye, because I have his weakness in my hand, play your next move, I will make sure Shivaye does not take Anika’s side this time, once Anika is left alone, she will be alone forever, and their closeness will turn into distance. Tia and Shwetlana smile.

Tia sees Sahil studying. She sees his walking support and takes it. Sahil looks for it. Tia smiles and keeps it outside her room. Sahil comes there and says how did this come here. Shivaye calls out Om and looks for him. He turns and sees Mrs. Kapoor. He says I m sorry. She says you should be, are you finding Om, did he get to know. He says enough, stop blackmailing, I don’t like anyone threatening me. She says there is no fun in threatening than doing it, I can see my words are not affecting you, Anika is trying to take Tia’s place and trying to kill Tia and your child, you are supporting her, I will get angry being Tia’s mom, you are my would be son in law, so I m explaining you for the final time, stop supporting Anika, if you do anything that makes me angry, maybe I won’t be able to stop myself, I will keep Om’s truth in front of the world. She goes.

Dadi asks what happened Tia, why are you scolding Sahil. Tia says I was not scolding him, I was asking him why did he come around my room, he said he came to take his crutch. Dadi says so what, he stays in this house and can go anywhere.

Pinky asks Tia not to worry and check room well. Tia says I double checked, its nowhere. Shwetlana says it means someone has stolen the necklace. Pinky asks how, we all are at home. Tia says I think Shwetlana is right, someone has stolen it. Sahil comes and calls out Anika. Tia says I m sure he has stolen the necklace. Anika asks are you mad, how can you blame him. Sahil says I did not steal. Tia asks really, what were you doing outside my room, ask Dadi, he was making excuse that he came to take his crutch, I m sure he did theft. Anika says my brother is not thief, he did not steal anything. Pinky says have manners, Tia is this house bahu, we can’t trust you for anything Anika. Shivaye comes and asks what happened. Tia says Shivaye, Sahil has stolen my necklace, when I m asking him, Anika is scolding me, ask him where is my necklace. Shivaye turns and sees Mrs. Kapoor. She shows him the phone. Anika says Shivaye, Tia is saying nonsense, Sahil did not steal anything, you know him, say Sahil can’t do this. Shivaye asks Sahil did you steal necklace. Sahil cries. Anika gets shocked.

Shivaye asks Tia to check Sahil. Anika cries and asks if there were Omru in Sahil’s place, would you do this, you proved just family is important to you, you don’t see anything else. Some time before, Anika asks Shivaye to tell them that Sahil can never do this. Shivaye asks Sahil did you steal necklace. Sahil cries. Anika says Shivaye… Shivaye says Anika, let me handle this, Sahil if you did this to joke, tell it. Sahil says I did not steal. Tia says he will never accept, I want to check him. Anika says if he did not do anything, he will not be checked. Mrs. Kapoor shows phone to Shivaye. He thinks of her threatening words.

Anika says Shivaye, why are you not saying anything, you know Sahil is not thief. Pinky asks why is he afraid then. Jhanvi says Sahil is guest here, guest is not insulted. Pinky says he is a kid, he is poor, poverty makes person do anything, maybe Anika told him to do this. Anika cries and says we are poor, but we are not thieves. Shivaye sees Mrs. Kapoor. He asks Tia to check Sahil. Anika gets shocked. She says what are you saying. Shivaye says if Sahil did not steal, what’s the problem, Tia’s doubt will clear. She says its not about doubt, its about your trust. He says no, its about solution. Tia checks Sahil. Sahil says stop them, I did not do anything. Anika asks how can you let this happen, leave Sahil, Shivaye say something.

Shwetlana looks on and smiles. Tia says necklace is not there. Anika hugs Sahil and asks is it done, did you get satisfied, like you trust Omkara, I trust Sahil, aunty ji I respect you a lot, but whatever happened today, should have not happened, where there is trust, there is no place for doubt, where there is doubt, trust can’t stay.

Mrs. Kapoor signs Shwetlana. Shwetlana drives her wheelchair ahead. Sahil falls down. Anika shouts Sahil and holds him. Everyone get shocked seeing the necklace falling from his crutch. Tia picks her necklace and says I said it, he did theft, like sister, like brother. He recalls keeping the necklace inside the crutch gripper.

Pinky starts scolding Anika. She says its good we got the necklace, I think we should check their rooms. Sahil says no, I did not steal anything. Pinky asks him to say this to police. Sahil tells Anika that he did not do theft. Pinky asks Shivaye to call police. Anika says no, Shivaye you know Sahil can’t do this. 

Pinky says these crocodile tears can melt him, not me, I will call police, if he doesn’t. Anika asks Shivaye to stop Pinky. Mrs. Kapoor signs no to Shivaye. Shivaye goes and stops Pinky. Mrs. Kapoor signs no and shows phone. Pinky asks Shivaye not to get in this matter. Shivaye says do what you find right. Anika gets shocked.

Tia says leave it Pinky mom, we got our thing, if we call police, it will defame this house, which I don’t wish, I will be okay if Sahil apologizes. Pinky says see this is my bahu, she is forgiving you after all this, she worries for this house respect, this is difference between good family people and thieves, apologize. Anika says Sahil won’t apologize, he did not do mistake. Pinky says he has to apologize, else police will come. Anika says I will apologize on his behalf, sorry Tia. Tia asks her to say it well, say ….Tia whatever happened till now, I m really very sorry, for misbehaving with you and plotting against you, I will not interfere in your matters. Anika cries and says I m sorry Tia, for all my mistakes, this will never happen again. Shivaye looks on. Anika and Sahil cry. Shwetlana, Tia and Mrs. Kapoor smile. Anika looks at Shivaye and asks Sahil to come. They go.

Pinky tells servants to do work perfect, its Lohri in evening. She asks Shakti did I say right. He says when do you say wrong, Chaddas are coming in evening. Tej says I don’t want him to misbehave in front of Chaddas, explain him. Jhanvi asks why don’t you tell him. Tej says I know truth, there is no justification of what he did, just explain him not to do any drama. Pinky says I m scared that Anika can do any drama, its Shitia’s first Lohri. Shakti asks are you mad, Shivaye and Anika got married, its their first Lohri. She says I won’t accept Anika as bahu. He says fine, Maa will not accept Tia as bahu. She says it does not matter, Tia is his wife in front of everyone, so Shitia will celebrate Lohri.

Shivaye comes to room. He sees Anika crying. He says Anika… She gets up seeing him. She says when I feel I understand you, you do something that breaks my heart, my trust, sometimes you fight for me in front of the world, and sometimes you ruin my respect, if Omru were there in Sahil’s place, would you silently see all that, never…. you knew Sahil is innocent, you did not listen to him and me, a small kid was crying and scared, he requested you and you did not care, we got insulted, why, you can’t see wrong happening with anyone, why did you let wrong happen with us, there would be some reason behind your silence, tell me why were you silent, tell me. He says I don’t think its necessary to give any explanation. She says you proved for you, just your family, blood, family is everything, you don’t see anything except this. She cries and turns away. He gets away and cries holding the curtains. He goes out of the room.

Mrs. Kapoor says well done, I m happy, you took right decision by choosing own brother instead Anika’s brother. He says its too much, I did wrong with an innocent kid, don’t you test my patience, I m not scared of you, I m bearing you, when my tolerance ends, it won’t be good for you. She says if you don’t listen to me, I will tell the world that Omkara is Tej’s illegitimate son, it would be better for your family that you listen to me. She goes.

Sahil hears them. Shivaye angrily throws his phone and breaks. Sahil comes in his way. Shivaye says I know you are annoyed with me, you kept some conditions t stay here, I could not fulfill that, you took my promise that I will take care of you…. Sahil hugs him and says you did not break your promise, you are not bad, I m not angry with you, you are very nice. 

Shivaye sits and says no Sahil, I m not good, see what I did, I have hurt your heart, Anika’s heart. Sahil says but you did this being helpless, not purposely, I know everything. Shivaye asks what do you know. 

Sahil says what Tia’s mom said, I heard everything, you did not take my side, as you were thinking about Omkara, I understand and even Anika will understand if you explain him. Shivaye says listen, don’t tell this to anyone, even to Anika. Sahil says fine. Shivaye asks pinky promise. Sahil promises. They smile.

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