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My Husband Left Me at the Mercy of Our Landlord

Posted As shared by One of Kingsparo's Blog readers! 

My name is Jireh Chinaza born April 4th'1990.

Please I am devastated & seriously in need of help as I have struggled to come out of the situation I found myself in but haven't been able to do so on my own. 

I unknowingly entered into a bad relationship with a guy here in Lagos whom I met early 2017 when I visited my sis whom was in Lagos at that time. 

He later made his marital intentions known to me & I explained to him about my painful & past experience in my previous marital relationship that produced three kids & also about my ex & how he walked out of our lives leaving me with three children to care for on my own.

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When the whole thing became overwhelming for me, my family (sisters) came in & took two of my kids from me to help me out as much as they could, in Abuja. Then I met the new man here in Lagos. 

Being that from the stories he told me, that he had similar experience like me & he also was a single dad, & promised not to make me cry again, I thought then that it was a divine meeting together.

    I had visited him on three different occasions until the very last one in the later part of 2017 that has kept me in Lagos until now.

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  To cut my long story short, during my last visit, I lost my job in Abuja so on his request I decided to stay in Lagos to start up a business he promised to help out with, but time past & I found myself helping out with his instead. Mistakenly I took in for him.

    During that whole time I suffered a great deal in his hands, abuses of different sorts, mistreatments & hate. I saw a different personality entirely in him. I have survived by daily hustling, doing whatever business I can lay my hands on.

   I put to birth in February just before the lockdown, he started frustrating me to leave his house saying he cannot continue to feed me & my son with me. I have always told him that I have nowhere to go, & nothing to fall back to..

At a time during the past two to three months, I don't know what he told his sisters overseas that they kept calling & threatening me to leave the house or they will send people to throw me away from the house. 

I have cried out to them but even when they feel pity for me & try to do something, he fights them off & poison their hearts against me the more. Later as he saw I was not leaving he abandoned the house for me & left me at the mercy of the Landlord as the house rent expired four months ago.

Now my baby is barely 6months, I am still breast feeding him, getting a job as a breast feeding mother is now a big challenge. It has been too difficult to cope that most times I go to bed hungry. I am almost stranded as my family said they can't carry the load of my other kids with them & myself with another child.

  Please, I suffer now fiscally, mentally, spiritually, emotionally & otherwise, in fact I am completely depressed. I have made terrible mistakes, I know, i realize it. 

I can't afford a home or anything as a human being anymore. It's so heart breaking & painful beyond what I can explain.. Please what can I do? Advice me. 

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