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My Story As A Cult Member, Please Read and Stay Away From Cultism

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This is my True story and i advise people to learn from this and stay away from cultism. lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

I am not a good writer, just try to understand me.

I was 19 when i got admission into the Delta state university Abraka to Study Geology . I had a cousin i had to put up with due to accommodation issues as my parents are poor and couldnt afford it at the time. They had to borrow to pay my fees and acceptance fees. Reading geology was very expensive as i had to pay for field works, books and all other materials. I struggled through my first year into my second. 

My cousin then dropped out of school due to financial issues. I was left all alone in Abraka and i made new friends . I had a girlfriend in school then and we call her Joy ( not her real name ). Joy was also dating a cultist ( A member of VIKINGSSS) . 

I got a call from Joy that i should come to her hostel and we should pass the night together. She told me she prepared my favorite food and i rushed down like a hungry lion. I got to her house and we had a good time and even sexx . Around 9PM, i heard a loud bang on her door and i asked who the person was, YOU DEY CRAZE, NA YOU GET THE ROOM, JOY COME OUTSIDE I WAN SEE YOU, that was the voice i heard behind the door. I looked at the time and it was late in the night . 

I picked up my phone to call a friend to come get me as i sensed danger but my phone went dead. I then sat down in the room and she assured me that all is fine. She went out to meet the guy and they argued loudly and some other boys came in and joined them. The next thing i heard was AROMATE wetin dey happen, i immediately knew i was in trouble. 

She came back in and was shouting at them and screaming from inside, I KNOW ONE FRIEND AGAIN NA BY FORCE. I told her i wanted to leave and she said i shouldnt leave and that it was safer to stay than go out that night. 

I told her its better to leave than staying in doors and that could bugle the door at night pretending to be robbers and shoot me. 

I gathered courage and left and immediately i got outside, i saw 5 Fierce looking men and i ran for my life, they chased me and stabbed me , i managed to escape with the injury. The next day, i reported to the police and arrest were made. The police men that came for raid where also member of the VIKINGSSSS, they made arrest and released them same day.


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