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Portland Rioters Throws Paint on Elderly Woman’s Face for Defending Police Station (video)

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Portland protesters aggressively confronted two elderly women who reportedly tried to stop some of the flagrant criminal activity — throwing paint on one of them — the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) confirmed.

Portland hit its 70th night of protests late Thursday night into early Friday morning — the day after violent protesters attempted to set the East Precinct on fire.

Despite condemnation from Mayor Ted Wheeler (D), protesters targeted the building again, vandalizing security cameras with spray paint. One demonstrator successfully dismantled a security camera, the police affirmed. Authorities added that members of the group hurled cans of spray paint at the East Precinct.

The PPB reported that “two elderly community members attempted to stop the group from vandalizing the building with paint and were subsequently hit with the paint.” Videos show protesters aggressively confronting one woman, who was covered in what appeared to be a white liquid:

Another twitter user wrote: After attacking the Portland Police east precinct, #antifa militants return to the home of the woman they tried to blind with lasers yesterday. They vandalize the property. #PortlandRiots

Confirming the Incident, Portland Police wrote: “This unknown woman using a walker was confronted by the group currently outside East Precinct and paint was strewn all over her.”

“There was a separate unknown woman using a walker outside of East Precinct who attempted to extinguish a fire set by the group. The woman depicted in this photo was not using a walker.”


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