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Read How Nigerians Are Reacting to The New Designed Biafran Flag Nnamdi Kanu Showed Off

Recall that KINGSPARO Blog reported that Nnamdi Kanu of the IPOB showed off new flag. Nnamdi Kanu said the flag is a new design which has the inscription of the Star of David portraying the Israelites Jewish Religion. 

Which also, represent the Igbo origin known as “Eri Heritage. 

While reacting about the News Design , MASSOB said that one person can't change the Biafran Flag. If you missed the News Read Here

Below are some reactions cited by Kingsparo Blog, Nigerians reacting on Opera News App about the new Biafran Flag design Nnamdi Kanu showed off. 

I don't see any thing bad there,he didn't change it rather he added the star of David to show our root , that we are Jews however he needs to carry us along , may God continue to bless and protect him in Jesus name Amen

In the holy scripture, Jesus said he came not to condem the law of Moses but to amend. So the leader of IPOB maazi Kanu did the same thing to the Biafran flag. Think there is nothing wrong.

People have not asked of the flag that was used in Nigeria before Independence and why it was changed.
What about the Arabic language on Nigerian currencies and the Army logo. This does not bother you Abi.
Have you asked why he symbol is used for many logos in BIAFRAN land such as school logos.
Biafran flag has not been changed. 
Let be focused on the restoration of BIAFRA republic and not be distracted by the things that do not matter.
All the groups should work together to get it done

No need to waste energy complaining about the change in the flag design. Pursue the actualization of the sovereign State of Biafra with one mind and purpose to achieve what you want.

Excellent design! 

Nothing was altered, rather was added, that's innovation! 

And the innovation signifies our origin, which is correct! 

And so, I think any critique against this design should not be allowed to see the light of the day! 

The design is a welcome development, and a good one at that! 

I like it!

Add star of David or not what we want is biafran republic after all we are all Jews by nature...I don't think that agitations can work for now... let us remain focused... long live BIAFRA LAND, long live to all that loves peace and unity in biafra republic... kudos 👍🌹✍️

It is excellent, don't you see how the colours are brighter than the old one, and the star of David adorn the undulating flag. It is only those jealous of MNK will criticize it. The sky is free for everyone to initiate untapped potential and not when MNK foresee it and bring it forward, then you start criticizing. Stop your enviousness and support him. Bravo MNK.

What's Your Say About The Flag? Let's Read Your Opinion in the Comment Section! 

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