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Two Businesses That Can Make You A Millionaire

Some people will say it is a stupid idea or it I will take time but if you are passionate enough and patience you are going to be someone's employee in the near future.

The idea would probably work if you are determined and got the plan already.

This ideas have worked on people and it can definitely work on you.

Planting of Trees.

It may seem silly but this is one of the most profitable business if you do it right.

A tree would probably take 2-3 years to grow buy when fully grown the time won't matter.

Few tricks you can use to minimize the duration of harvesting would be Knowing which type of tree,it's importance and the time it takes to fully mature.

Probably you should consider producing more blue gum. This species has many use regardless of taking too long to mature.

It can produce timber, act as poles , used in sailing, lining of roofs just to mention a few.

It may take a few more years but if you are determine time is not an issue.

Lease at least 3ha of land from your relative or someone you know and be sure that after the trees mature you will definitely pay him double or even tripple the amount.

Chicken Raring

Who doesn't eat chicken in Nigeria? And if they is it can't even make up 2 % of the total population. So imagine having 100k chickens being sold at an average fee of 3k.

This is to say you will be earning more than the president in a month with your self employed business.

Unlike trees, chicken take atleast 6-9 months to fully grown if properly fed.

Advantage of raring chicken is you don't need a land. All you need is well built structures and you good to go

Not expensive too, starting with 100 chicks will ensure you get those millions at the end of the year.

Do You Have Other Options That Should Be Included In The List? 

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