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10 Most common signs that a lady loves you but can't admit it openly

Ladies are always very dramatic by nature with reference to the way they carry on with their lives. They will always do certain things that leave most of us in dilemma. Most people will always relate it with their inbuilt shyness according to girlish nature. 

It's something that most men have always taken advantage of denying the ladies the peace they deserve. Of course, we do know that when a woman does anything she always does it with all her soul. 

For example, if a lady opts to love you she will always do it without conditions. It's too unfortunate that most of the guys do not realize this while the ladies be busy admiring to have them.

So, as a man, you always need to spot the following signs to know if she really loves. These are signs revealed by probably around 90 percent of the ladies to men. Let's have look.

1. When she likes to chill out with you every time you are around.

2. If you realize that she always wants to chat with you until it's very late showing she has time for you.

3. Some will even prepare you some of your favorite dishes to ensure that you feel healthier.

4. When she lines it telling stories with you even when you are tired to listen to her.

5. If you come home bored, some will always try to comfort you by asking politely the problem.

6. In case you are caught up with a major problem, some ladies will cry for you. This shows that she has feelings.

7. When she ever feeds you with a spoon when she realizes that you don't feel like eating.

8. Some will even wash your most private clothing as a sign of love.

9. In case she keeps claiming to have really missed you a few minutes just after you left her recently, it means that she has fallen for you.

10. Finally, if a lady loves you she will always be generally good and never do anything to hurt your feelings.

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