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6 Most Expensive Chickens In The World

After a careful research, I present to you 5 of the most expensive chickens in the world:

(1) Dong Tao: 

Dong Tao chickens which is also known as Dragon Chicken are native to Dong Tao commune in Khoai Chau District. These Vietnamese chicken may look horribly and deformed but admist all that they are among the world's most expensive poultry as their massive thighs are a delicacy in Vietnam.

The Cemani chicken has a unique appearance and they are totally different from other poultry. It has a black colour on the whole body even the organ inside, although there are some part that is not black such as the tongue. The tongue has grey colour, then the blood is also red dark. Ayam Cemani egg is like the general chicken egg which is white like an ivory with the pink tint.

The Ayam Cemani chicken becomes the most expensive chicken in the world for breeding that cost you more than $2500 for each. Then, the pair of the poultry can reach $5000. Sometimes people like to compare this chicken with mystic and the blackness.

(2) Orpington Chicken:

The Orpington chicken is a soft feather chicken with a unique appearance, they have rich colours and soft contours that give an attractive look. The most interesting part of this chicken is that they are so lovely, thier puffy feather makes the chicken look simply fabulous. The Orpington chicken has variety colour such as black, white and blue.

The Orpington chicken are good for laying eggs, the hen lay about 250 eggs per year but sometimes it can lay 340 annually. The hen lays medium to large eggs with light brown colour. They are one of the most expensive eggs in the world.

The Orpington chicken is one of the most expensive chicken breed, they are a good layer of eggs, they also have a good quality meat. They are typically motherly chicken, generous, beautiful and brilliant.

(3) Liege Fighter Chicken:

The Liege Vechter is another name of the Liege fighter chicken. The chicken is from French, originally from Belgium at the city of Liege in Wallonia, in the Eastern central Belgium. The Liege fighter chicken has variety of feather colour patterns.

The Liege fighter chicken is one of the powerful chicken rooster. The appearance of this chicken is heavy, strong and large. The shape of Liege are long and thin and their legs are slightly longer than other types of rooster. It is one of the powerful rooster that has strong impression.

The Liege fighter chicken is one of the most expensive chicken in the world. The price of this chicken is in the range of 100 USD for the rooster , that is such a sumptuous price.

(4) Olandsk Dwarf Chicken:

The Olandsk dwarf chicken is included in the class of Bantam chicken. The chicken is originally from Olandsk an island of the southeast coast of Mainland Sweden. The chicken has a small body with colourful feather. The Olandsk dwarf chicken is a free range chicken which makes it perfect for those who want to keep the chicken in the small backyard. This chicken is so friendly, cute and hardy.

The price for the beautiful chicken start from $23 USD to $99 USD. This is one of the most fantastic prices for the Bantam chicken.

(5) Deathlayer:

Deathlayer which is also known as Westfalischer Totleger. The chicken is s native to Germany. In German "Totleger" means "The Layer Of Death". It means the hen will lay eggs until they die.

It is one of a productive laying hen. They are two variation of the chicken such as silver and gold feather with a rose combs. Also, it has a luxuriant tail with black puppet eyes. The Deathlayer's elegant look can beat the most beautiful chicken among the poultry.

The roosters weigh around 2kg (5 pounds) and the hens weigh about 1.5 kg (3.14 pounds). They are free range chicken types so this chicken are easy to take care in the backyard. The price of this chicken is around 99 USD, but it worth it.

(6) Ayam Cemani Or Cemani Chicken:

Ayam Cemani chickens is a native chicken from Indonesia. Ayam or Cemani chicken came from a sub district in Jawa Island, Indonesia. In Sanskrit the world "Cemani" means Black. The whole black colour of Cemani's chicken is caused by mutation genetic. It causes fibromelanosis which makes melanin appear to excessive.

It is not easy to breed this rare species because they are very sensitive to changes of temperature and they lay fewer eggs than other chickens. Moreover, their huge legs and feets make the hatching process more difficult for them.

Each kilo of Dong Tao chicken meat is priced at 350,000 - 400, 000 VND depending on the type. A pair of Dong Tao chicken can be sold for $2500.

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