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6 Parts Of Your Body You Should Never Touch With Your Hands

Most of us are found of touching some parts of our bodies with our hands which has now become a habit and is not suppose to be so. There are certain parts of your body that requires your attention but you are not supposed to touch them with your hands. There are many health implication to this of which many people don’t know about.

The hands pick up germs daily from different places we go and the things we touch such as tables, chair, clothes, money and even handshake. All these germs and bacterial you pick up will all be transferred to other parts of your body if you are not careful.

You are always advised to wash your hands for this reason. Please, don’t make the mistake of touching the following parts of your body with bare hands.

1. Your butt

The anal region is very sensitive and is packed up with germs and bacteria that can spread easily when you touch there with your hands. These bacteria you pick are harmful and can cause infection. Don’t think you anus is totally free of bacteria because you wash it with water. Be careful so that you don’t pick germs from there.

2. Skin under the nails

The skin under the nails should not be tempered with because it is very fragile and can be affected. When it is ruptured, it can open the way to other fungi and bacteria infections. This can also lead to the introduction of germs to your nails.

3. Ear canal

So many people form this habit of touching their ears with their hand when it is itching but this is very wrong. Please avoid during this especially after bath because that delicate skin in the ear canal can easily be ruptured. Since the hands can also breed germs, there can be transferred to the ear so be careful.

4. Mouth

What happens if you bite your nails and the gross to stop - Insider
Since the hands can breed germs, you will make a very big mistake touching your mouth with your hands. Even if your hands are clean, don’t put them in your mouth. If you are one of those found of cutting your nails with your teeth, stop that immediately.

5. Inside your nose

If you want to clean your nose, use a sanitized handkerchief to do it and not your hands. Putting your hands in your nose can rupture it and even introduce certain germs in there. Research has shown that those who do this are prone to falling sick than those who are not.

6. Eyes

Please if you have itchy eyes, opt for eye drops instead of rubbing them with your hands. The eyes are one of the most delicate organs of the body and can be easily affected. Some eye infections arise from constantly touching your eyes with your hands.

Health is wealth; please follow the guidelines of this article if you want to live a life free of sickness and disease.

Thanks for reading.

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