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8 Signs that show a woman is not interested in your relationship

8 signs that shows a woman is not interested in your relationship. Love is a mutual understanding between a man and woman. People who are in love share understanding and similarities amongst themselves. But when love isn't reciprocal, then the love would be one sided. Checkout these 8 signs that a woman isn't interested in your relationship. You can used it to know when to back out peacefully.

8 No show of Appreciation When a Gift is Given To Her

Appreciation is a very important item in a relationship. Every person wants to be appreciated or gratified when a good gesture is made. Appreciation increases love between two people.

But when a woman doesn't love you she doesn't appreciate any gift from you. In fact she doesn't see good in any good gesture done to her. Give her the whole world, to her you are just wasting your time. Some women will not even tell you a simple thank you. When a man gifts a woman no matter how small ,its good she shows appreciation. Men that are in love like to give out gifts to a woman. So if your woman isn't the appreciative type it's indeed a sign that she isn't interested in your relationship.

7. She Discuses About Other Men While With You

When a woman doesn't love you she discusses about her past love affairs while with you or appreciate other men. When there is love a woman feels really uneasy to speak about other men while with you because she doesn't want to hurt you. Men are naturally proud and they wouldn't want a women to discusses other men while with you.

Men always feel they can protect you and can give you all the love you want. Discussing other men while they are with you might hurt their feelings and bring down their ego and self esteem down.

So if a woman is proud and fond of discussing how good her other relationships or men then leave her in peace ,she is not interested in your relationship.

6. No Display of Happiness While With You

When a woman doesn't love you she isn't happy by your side. She is always sad. There isn't any enthusiasm of wanting to see you. So when you visit her she is so reserved and distanced. She hardly utters a word and when she does it's so brief.

When two people are in love, they feel so eager to meet each other. They are happy and discuses a lot about their relationship and what they feel. They just believed they only exist and discusses a lot. They sometimes don't even know they had spent hours discussing.

When a woman doesn't love you,she feels bored with your talk and all you waste your time to say isn't going to enter her brain. She finds excuses to leave by complaining about headache or any excuses she can find. If your on the phone with her she will always complain and hang it up. And when you are chatting with her, she feels so bored and create excuses to end the conversation.

When you are in a relationship and the woman always finds every excuses not to discussed with you or leave the conversation, then leave her alone,she isn't interested in the relationship.

5. She doesn't reply your Messages

Whenever you message a woman you are in a relationship and it always takes her days to answer you ,then she isn't in love. When we are in love, we tend to reciprocate love. When woman doesn't see any good in replying your messages. It is a sign that she is not interested in the relationship.

4.She Doesn't Want People To See You With Her.

When a woman becomes secretive about your relationship then there isn't any love or interest in it. When a woman loves you ,she wants to be proud of you. She wants you to meet her family and to also meet yours. She wants the whole world to know that you are her boyfriend. But When she hides away from you or only wants to walk with you only in the night ,she isn't interested in you.

3.She Demands Too Much From You

A woman that isn't in love with you wants to drive you to the extreme. Yes we know ushering gifts and assistance is a way of showing love. But when a woman demands too much from you to the extent that she drives you to borrow,she is not interested you. This is a sign that you must quickly leave or else she will drive you to bankruptcy.

2.She doesn't Want You To Meet Her Family.

A woman that doesn't love you or want to have a relationship with you will not want you to meet her family. Anytime you bring up such issues,she backs off because she doesn't love you. It's the joy of every woman to have someone she is proud of or a man she can call her own. But any woman that doesn't want to introduce you to her family,she isn't interested in your relationship.

1.She Is Not Thinking of Settling Down With You

A woman that doesn't love is not ready to settle down with you or to discuss about having any future with you. All she does is to discuss unimportant matters with you. But when you bring the issue of marriage or wanting to have a future with her, she brushes the issue away. So when a woman exhibit such characteristics, she isn't interested in your relationship.

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