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Can a Set of Twins Have Same DNA Thereby Complicating Who is the Biological Father of a Child? Read this Story

There is this film i watch some time ago. I have forgotten the name, its a Nollywood movie.

There is these two identical twins that was separated at birth in the hospital. 

After some years, a full grown young boy showed up in one of the twins house claiming he is his father. 

The wife in other hand once caught him (One of the Twins) cheating on her, with the boy showing up claiming family she feelings it might be true.

So they decided to go for DNA test. The test results shows he is the Father of the boy, he still insist he is not the father. 

Well, he is saying the truth, he is not the father, as a matter of fact he doesn't know boy.  The matter escalated after they visited another hospital for DNA test. The result still shows the is the Father which made his wife to divorce him on ground of cheating and having a child out of wedlock. 

To cut the story short, it was at last the Man knew he has a twin brother that looks exactly like him.

According to the story in the movie, they both have same DNA that's why test is saying he is the father of the boy when he is not. 

They family united,  his wife came back to him, the boy went to his real father. 

Now my question is:

Can Twins Have Same DNA? 
Can Two Different People Have Same DNA? 

Please i need everyone's comment on this! It will help in my research. 

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