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Checkout Two Easiest Way To Download Movies

I figured out that many people find it hard to download movies on mobile phones,so I decided to drop this article to resolve this little issue.

Downloading movies is a simple step by step process follow the right steps and get your movies right on your device.

Im going to be teaching how to download both Hollywood and Nollywood movies.

Download Hollywood movies Using fzmovies website

Steps: using opera mini web browser input this” ”

this appears:

Now this page above come up. You can see a search bar space, in that space input the name of the movie you wish to download

As for me I would be downloading a movie titled Pokemon detective pikachu

and tap the search button and scroll down until you see the movie

you tap on the one you want to download, so I would be tapping on the place I when you do this another page comes up,scroll down until you see this:

click on the circled area, when the new page comes up scroll down again until you see this tap on the circled area “click to download on your device”data.then this shows up:

you click on any of the links provided im gonna be using link 3, when you do this and wait for sometime a pop up menu appear:

you click on download and your movie starts downloading. To check your downloads click on the opera icon on the app

then tap on downloads and you see it downloading

note: make sure you have enough data to download the movie or the process might be disrupted

2. Download Nollywood movies using snaptube apk

this is the easiest way I’ve come across now you need to download the apk

That’s the download link above once you’re done downloading it you install and open it

This is how the homepage is

tap on the YouTube icon :

Click on the search icon and input the name of the movie you wish to download, I would be downloading a movie titled “the washerman” :

and search it:

you click on your choice when it loads

then you see a jingling bell tap on it ,a pop up menu appears asking for the video resolution you want to download, you could use anyone

I prefer 360 because it the normal quality but if you have enough data and you want higher qualities you could choose 780 or higher resolution. 

note: you must have enough space on your phone too to download movies.

i guess this was helpful

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If you have any problems downloading you could drop it in the comments box.

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