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Dear Men, Use These Tricks To Prove If Your Woman Is Cheating On You With Another Man

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Cheating has from the beginning of marriage being a deadly virus that has destroyed so many Relationship and Marriage. It has made so many men to train and father a child that he is not biologically related with. So many has committed suicide because their wives cheated on them, so many had also done unthinkable by murdering their wives because of cheating.

Gone are those days when you use unknown phone to call your woman or create a fake facebook account or send your friend to test your woman if she truly love you. These are all old school thinking, it doesn't work anymore and still cheating is on a high degree.

If you want to confirm if your woman is cheating on you with her secret lover, don't get mad with her whenever you suspect something is going on. Don't emotionally make her insecure, don't question her movements, don't search her phone either.

These are the best tricks.

1) Make friend with her best friend. Do you know that your wife's best friend knows everything about you and your wife's Marriage? For you to know the things you don't know about your wife especially when you suspect her of cheating. Be the best friend of her friend, she will tell you what you don't know.

She will tell you about her male friend who you don't know, she will tell you about her night vigil which was never true, she will tell you about her business trip which wasn't really a business trip. She will tell you who is really eating your wife's money that whenever you ask her to assist you handle something financially, she will say that she doesn't have money. Be the best friend of your wife's best friend and discover more.

2) Give her a surprise visit.

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No matter where she is working or she is doing business. Visit her unannounced, don't even go there with your care, don't tell her friends that you are coming, don't tell anyone, not even her sales girls. By the time you visit her few times, you will get a result whether she is cheating or not. If she works in an office, visit her during lunch time, this is when her lover will take her out for lunch or they may be in the office for that free hour.

But men and women, who really cheat the most?
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