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Do You Remember Olajumoke the Bread Seller? What Condition is She Now?

What exactly are you going through and you’ve been considering giving up, I bring you a message of hope today. Are you tired of all the happenings around the country and the world at large and you’ve been thinking what kind of life is this? I’m here to tell you today that all you need for your breakthrough is one minute, one event, one encounter, just one opportunity. I’m sure we all remember the story of Olajumoke the bread seller, whose story changed in the twinkle of an eye. A bread seller turned a bread winner, just because of a singular event.

I remember just like yesterday when her pictures taken by the iconic photographer started making waves all over social media. The photographer who was trying to take pictures of Tinnie Tempah ( an international artist who was in the country at that time), when Olajumoke entered the frame of the picture. People all around were trying to hurrying her to leave the area and she got confused. During the period of her confusion, ty Bello kept taking pictures and she noticed he looked good in the picture. She then asked Olajumoke for permission to take her pictures. This is the short story of Olajumoke’s fame.

After the pictures were posted online it went viral, people loved it. Some felt she was a model, this made TY Bello to go on a search for her and when she eventually found her, she was made famous. Olajumoke started getting major international recognition after this event, an ordinary bread seller on the street of Lagos became a model within few days of fame. She became the talk of the town, everyone wanted to be affiliated with her, endorsements quickly started rolling in.

Sometimes last year, her baby's father, who was assumed by many to be her spouse, went on record to say that the behavior of Olajumoke to him had altered and that she was starting to show pride and that she kept going late in the evening. Olajumoke later refuted these allegations, saying she certainly wasn't expecting him to do so. She said the root of the issue was that she did not consent, she declined when required to take their partnership to an advanced rank (wedding), because he was unemployed, she repeated that he had been unemployed for more than 3 years and that she had been the one supporting him and that he had been staying in her home. Therefore, when he asked her to wed him, since he was not serious, she refused.

Many critics had said that Olajumoke would not be able to retain the attention for good and that she was possibly going to end up mediocre again. Yes, living creatures can often be very pessimistic. In an interview, Olajumoke said conditions have been a bit rough since she left her former manager, who was very influential in her development, but with the model, things are still really pleasant. Since June 2019, that was a year ago, Olajumoke has been silent on her Instagram profile, and her explanation for this is best known to her. In 2019, Olajumoke also was formally separated from her baby daddy. We hope that the 29-year-old bread seller turn model will be safe and live a life time of wealth.

Do you think it was money that made Olajumoke to separate from her lover or she was being honest with the reason she gave? Keep at what you do, don’t relent, hard work pays in the end. Remember that Olajumoke was working and doing what she does best when her moment came. She wasn’t in her room sleeping or nagging to friends, she was working. I pray that has you give life your best shot, your success and hour of breakthrough will come speedily. Let me hear you say a resounding amen.

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