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Do you travel? Please do not enter public vehicle if you observe these 2 things

I was traveling some time ago, when we had covered few kilometers away from the park, we met a bus turned upside down and most people died leaving few alive. 

We parked beside the road to assist and at the same time know the cause of the accident.

When we approach them, the police that came to the place were asking those that survived about the cause of the accident. They replied "The vehicle's tire got punctured when it was on a high speed, then the driver matched break suddenly out of few, the car tumbled" and many people died from the accident.

So I began to ask my driver and he explained everything to me.

And ever since that time, if I am traveling, when I enter the motor park, I normally observe to see that the exterior part of the vehicle is in good order.

The Two things are here below:

(1) Old or Expired tire:

Check the tire of the vehicle that you want to enter to see if it is new or not expired. If a vehicle's tire is old or expired, there is a high possibility of getting punctured.

And that was what caused death for those you read about from the beginning of this article.

(2) When the Driver is drunk or feeling sleepy:

Before you enter a public vehicle, it is also important to look the driver closely to see whether he is intoxicated or feeling sleepy. Thank God that alcohol has smell that would help you detect fast.

Even from his behavior you should know. It just that, some people can be intoxicated and still behave themselves. I was traveling one day and we realized on the way that our driver was battling with sleep being highly intoxicated.

After a short distance, stopped him and he started vomiting. God saved us that day, one of us knows how to drive and collected the car keys and took us to where we were going while the original driver was sitting behind. It was terrible that day.

Please share this information, you could save lives by doing so.
A lot of people do not know this. Let them know, our lives is precious to be loss in motor accident. It will never be you portion.

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