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Don't Add Water To Remove Excess Salt In Your Food, Use This Special Ingredient Instead

How to Remove Excess Salt From Food

Hi guys, there is a new thing i learnt today, how to remove salt from food. If its soup you would like to remove salt from its easy to achieve with this new thing i learnt that am about to teach now. 

Shout out to Wikihow, i learnt it from one of her staffs. 

Salt is a very essential ingredients that we need in our food, but like they say too much of everything is bad. If you add excess salt to your food it will ruin the food, and removing excess salt from food is not an easy task.

Some people try adding water or even charcoal to the food, but the taste of the food will not be the same.

The amazing thing about this salt absolver is that your food will regain it's normal taste, and it will still be very tasty.

The salt absolver I am talking about is our very own potatoes. 

Potatoes is very starchy and people believed that is the starch in the potato, that absolve the excessive salt from the food.

How to use potatoes to remove excessive salt from your food.

Step One

Get your potatoes and wash it then peel off the skin.

Note: You can choose not to peel off the skin because, some people believed that it is the main shock absolver. If you don't want to peel off the skin wash the potatoes very well, and make sure you wash off all the dirt because you don't want dirt in your food.

Step Two

 Cut the potatoes into big chunk and put it into the food, then cook the food on medium heat for 15 to twenty minutes, to ensure that the potato absolved most of the salt.

Step 3

Taste your food and when you are sure that the taste of the food is okay, remove the potatoes and enjoy your food.

Thank you for reading. Please share and leave a comment.

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