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Don't Eat Akara if you have these two sicknesses

Akara is one of the most popular food in Nigeria for so many reasons. It contains high quantity of plant protein from it's main ingredient which is beans. It also contain some vitamins if spiced well with pepper, onions and even tomato.

Akara is also something that compliments most foods in Nigeria such as bread, pap and garri. It is especially more delicious when it is served hot and fresh.

You might wonder, what then is wrong with this delicacy? Well quite a few actually.

Read through this article carefully to find out what medical conditions does not go well with Akara.

The process of making akara involves peeling skin of the beans seeds and soaking in water for a few minutes. After which the soaked beans is grinded and mixed very well with salt and other spices, then it is fried in hot oil with a deep pan.

The problem with Akara is not the proteinous beans but the large quantity of oil soaked in this akara during the process of frying it.

Have you ever noticed that when you buy akara and squeeze the body a little, a large amount of oil actually flows from it? Now imagine that oil in your body and all the damage it could cause.

Therefore, people with the following medical conditions should stay clear of eating akara.

1) Heart diseases.

Some common heart diseases include

- Arrhythmia.

- Atherosclerosis.

- Congenital heart defects.

- Coronary artery disease.

- Cardiomyopathy.

- Heart infections.

Scientists have accumulated an impressive amount of evidence firmly linking the amount and kind of fat and the amount of cholesterol people eat to the risk they stand of having a heart attack. 

In fact, nowhere is the connection between diet and chronic illness more scientifically firm and convincing than it is with fats and heart disease.

And most times some of these akara vendors use the oil they use in frying repeatedly, making it very unhealthy for human consumption.

2) Cancer.

Eating a diet high in fat can increase the risk of developing cancer, particularly cancers of the colon and cancer of the breast. 

Studies of cancer rates and eating habits among the different people of the world show a consistent relationship between high fat and oil diets and high overall cancer rates.

High fat and oil diets are also associated with higher caloric intakes and obesity, factors that are suspected to encourage the development of some cancers.

The amount of fat and oil gotten from akara due to the deep frying can not just be ignored with these harm it could cause.

Another effort to make towards making akara better is to make sure vendors use cleans oils only and work in a clean environment to prevent other diseases that may arise from germs and bacteria.

So for people with the above medical conditions, avoiding akara is strongly advised, others should do well to eat it moderately too.

Thank you for viewing through this article, kindly do well to ask questions where you are not getting it, drop your questions in the comments sessions as I will try my best to give you speedy replies.

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