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Don't Eat Garden Egg If You Have These 3 Medical Conditions

Eating of Garden Egg fruit is very common amongst Africans. Garden Egg has many uses. It is also used for cooking as a condiment or spice, while a variety of persons may use it as a cooking vegetable. The health benefits of garden egg is many to its eater as it contains substances that are good for the human heart. It is also a rich source of Fibre, a nutrient essential for easy bowel movements across the digestive system.

However, despite the numerous good qualities of eating garden egg, it has properties that may end up being harmful to the body if we don't control the way we take the fruit. Persons that are diagnosed with the three medical conditions to be listed below, should try to avoid or limit their intake of Garden Egg.


Stomach ulcer


Diabetes: For the part of diabetes, I want to really emphasize that it is not bad to take Garden Egg normally. Where a problem comes in is when you consume it in excess, without the advise of a doctor or medical professional. If you consume Garden Egg too much as a diabetic, it could reduce your blood sugar level to dangerously low levels that may lead to a brain attack and sudden death, if it is not properly managed. Garden Egg helps reduce blood sugar, but if you take it in excess, you could reduce your sugar level to a dangerous level. So, please take it only on a Doctor's advise.

I'm really hoping that the above point is clear enough. Please, as a diabetic or if you know anyone who is, only take garden egg on the advice of a doctor. It is quite dangerous to do it on your own accord. Low blood sugar levels is more dangerous than high blood sugar, I hope you understand.

People that have Stomach indigestion and ulcer should not even go near Garden Egg at any cost. It's high fiber level makes it not suitable for eating by you

So, if you have been diagnosed with any of the above listed conditions, please do well to stay away from eating garden egg. Remember, do so only on the advice of someone knowledgeable in medicine, like a doctor or nurse. 

There are other healthy food you can eat instead of Garden Egg. You can also checkout 20 foods you should eat if you have Ulcer. Click here to Read

Ask me which in the comment section.

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  1. As an Alcer patient, which food best for Alcer patients?

  2. Please which medication is best for stomach ulcer treatment and what foods and fruits are best to eat

  3. Which other fruit can ulcer person eat

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