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Glo Releases Mega Plans of Huge Data at Cheap Rate - See How to Subscribe

Globacom popular known as Glo released mega plan for some of her customers. Which means not everyone will enjoy the mega data plan. 

The mega plan according to Globacom is for huge data users. Customers that subscribes from 30,000 to 100,000 Naira data subscription. 

In a related post, you can also read how to get 3gb of data on your Glo line with as little as ₦500, i made the post in May 2020. 

Globacom released a statement about this data plan recently which reveals that the new plans are meant for Home Broadband users such as Small Office Home Office (SOHO) and SME customers as well as high-end customers who have high data consumption need.

Quoting Globacom:
With the COVID-19 situation, millions of people rely on the internet to work or study from home, carry out most business and social transactions, hold meetings, seminars, religious worship, among other activities. We have introduced this package to cater to such heavy data users.
Recall that KINGSPARO Blog also reported that Glo Offers Stay At Home Plan which comes with awesome bonuses. Check Out The Bonus. 

Here is the List of the Glo Data Plan and Prices

225GB - N30,000 -  Valid for 30 days 

300GB - N36,000 - Valid for 30 days. 

425GB - N50,000 - Valid for 90 Days. 

525GB - N60,000 - Valid for 120 Days. 

675GB - N75,000 - Valid for 120 Days. 

1TB - N100,000 - Valid for A Year. 

It gets even more exciting for the subscriber if he or she goes for the N75,000 plan or the N100,000 option. 

While the former gives 675GB with 120 days’ validity, the latter comes with a humongous 1Terabyte of data valid for one full year.

You can purchase by dialling *777# for plan menu and selecting “Super Mega Plans” and then choosing the plan of choice.

Which one of the plan are you Subscribing soon? 


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