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He was Born with Rare Condition, He Walks in Fours, Bullies Call Him Animal, - The Sad Story of Damu

There is indeed ability in disability! Here is the sad but courageous story of Kul Damu, a boy of 17 years old who was born with a rare condition. He lives with his parents; the father and the mother, along with his two siblings. According to Damu, he is the only child of his parents affected by this condition.

photo of a 17 years old Kul Damu born with a rare condition.

An online video shared by Global News media featured a teenage boy named Kul Damu, who during his birth, the doctors told his parents that he was born with a rare condition that attacks his backbone from the lower part and left that part of him paralysed. He is unable to walk or stand erect. As a result of this, he walks in his fours always to any place he wishes to go. The bullies and the mockers on the street call him all sorts of unprintable names: some say he is a monster, a predator, while others say he is an animal. But Damu never allow these remarks to border him.

In order to prove that he is even much more able than his peers who are healthier, Damu has abundance of acquired skills: He is a decorator and events manager, a tailor, a phone repairer, a sign language interpreter, an acrobat, and a pianist. He said his hubby is dancing, yes, displaying his acrobatic beauty in precision. He has a group of dancers made up of 10 children with disabilities of their own fashion. They normally perform dancing over the weekends, but had to suspend it for now because of coronavirus. He said he has colleagues who are deaf and this compels him to learn sign language in order for all of them to communicate effective, because they all need one anther. Damu has undergone back surgery, but the condition still remains the way it was.

Speaking on his situation, his mother said that because of his condition, he has been suffering involuntary discharge of excretory products. And as a result of this, Damu has been wearing Pampers on daily basis. He goes with the size of a 25kg body index and above, and that brings additional wage bill that burdens her lean income. According to his mother, Damu is a student in a public school. He can read and write and understand basic things. But because the school is very far away from the home, and he could not walk in fours to the school daily. His father always takes him to school and has to wait behind in order to bring him back home after school. She said the father is jobless at the moment and the family only survive through a little street trading she is managing in the midst of government ban on street trading. She has no option, only to play a hide and seek game with the law enforcement agency who would crackdown on any defaulters found trading along the street.

photo of the mother of Kul Damu responding to questions from a reporter

Damu says the main challenge he is facing at the moment is the difficulty involved in walking to all the places he would wish to go. He got a wheelchair when he was a very little boy. But he has now grown up and outsized the wheelchair, therefore, he is not using it anymore. He prefers to go in his fours, though it is a difficult task to get along. According to him, he feels the pains whenever he walks a long distance. Doctors told him his bones do break at most times he embarks on a long journey. Therefore, it is imperative that he ought to be using a wheelchair. But Damu said the kind of wheelchair he would prefer is the one with a remote control because he would not require anybody to push him through all journeys. He loves operating it by himself to any place he would go.

His mother identifies what Damu needs at the moment: cash for the procurement of more diapers, cash for Damu to establish his own business having acquired abundance of skills and a wheelchair.

Though this story is a sad one, yet it is the episode of a courageous gentleman who stops at nothing to be more useful to himself upon his disability. Defeat is not when you get into the ring and refuse to surrender even when knockdown, rather, a defeat comes when you are knockdown in a battle, yet you refuse to get up and fight to the end. 

For Damu it is a win win because upon his condition he is able to equip himself with the much needed skills and basic education that can earn him a comfortable living. With this rare feat, he has not only shown that there is ability in disability, but he has also bullied his bullies. It is important to keep doing what you do and never give up on yourself because disability is the condition of the mind.

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