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High Blood Pressure Is A Silent Killer, Here Are 4 Foods You Must Run Away From In Order To Avoid It and 4 Food to Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is one of the most potent cause of deaths in humans. Often called a silent killer, it keeps so many vital parts of the human body degenerating without the knowledge of the affected person until the damage becomes irreparable and the affected person either suffers organ failures or drops dead.

While so many factors could be responsible for high blood pressure, one factor which we often overlook is our diets. Our diets and their composition can either make or mar us in our fight against the silent killer called high blood pressure, which is why we would be looking at some foods we should do away with as we fight against high blood pressure.

1. Sodium and Salt:

This is especially important for people who are battling with high blood pressure because when such people have excess sodium in their systems, water is pulled into the blood vessels and this increases the amount of blood and, ultimately, causes an increase in their blood pressure. Avoid foods like pizza, sandwiches, bread and roll, etc.

2. Saturated Fats:

It's important to avoid or reduce the intake of saturated fats in the form of cheese, burger, butter and fatty beef as they increase the blood cholesterol levels and can lead to heart attack.

3. Sweets and Added Sugars:

It's tempting to want to take some of these drinks after a hard, sunny day but it's best to avoid them. The sugar content of those drinks as well as fruit juice often contribute to and increase the level of blood pressure.

4. Caffeinated Drinks:

It's also important you avoid caffeinated drinks especially if you are the type that always stay up late or on the go. This is because they often lead to a spike in blood pressure. Avoid chocolates, black tea, chocolate ice cream, etc.

Foods which have been known to help lower blood pressure include those found below:

1. Banana

2. Legumes:

3. Fish

4. Nuts:

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