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How to start crayfish business with N30,000 and become financially independent

Crayfish business is one of the lucrative business in Nigeria that people are not aware of , which means all Nigerians makes use of it except few, now am going to show you how you can start a crayfish business with 30k and make lots of money. But before i go into details lets see the potential benefits of crayfish below

1:crayfish combat depression:

The omega -3 in crayfish helps to help to promote health mentally , that's why most health personnel believes that the fatty acid in it helps to relief or control depression.

2: crayfish helps in promoting a healthy skin:

I know many will not believe this but you can go on your research , due to the omega -3 fatty acid in it , it helps to repair the body tissue and protect the body from Ultra-Violent rays and also helps in body glowing. Now lets look at the last benefit of crayfish.

3: crayfish helps the body with vitamins:

vitamins like vitamin B 12, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B -6 and thiamine are all present in crayfish which help the body to function and be in good shape.

Now let me break it down how you can make start the business with 30k.

for example: Since a bag of crayfish cost 60k,which have 30 painters of crayfish in it at 4,000 for each paint, you can actually go for the half bag for 30k which have 15 painter in it and make money amounting to a full back , that is:

4000× 15=60,000

Then minus 30,000 from 60,000 you are still left with 30,000, lets says your transport is 5,000 depending on where you are going to, you are still left with 25,000.

With this break down hope to see you start your crayfish business today.

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