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If You Want To Live Long, Stop Taking Excess Of These 10 Things, They Harm Your Kidney

The kidney is a delicate organ and should be treated as such. It helps filters toxins and regulate blood pressure. When this organ damages, it cannot be reversed. 

These are some of the things we do that damage our kidneys.

 Over using Painkillers

When you use all these antiinflammatory drug and pain killers for a very long time and especially at a high dose, it affects the structure and tissues of the kidney.

These drugs reduces blood floe in the kidney.

Smoking cigarette or marijuana. 

People smoking cigarette have high chances of having protein in their urine which is a clear sign of kidney damage.

That is why heavy smokers will likely need kidney transplant or dialysis.


For some of you that salt your white rice, fry plantain with salt, boil your beans with salt and then consume all the aforementioned at one sitting, it is very wrong.

Too much consumption of food with salt increases blood preasure which damages the kidney over time. It is better to use herbs and spices than too much salt.

Dehydration ( Not Drinking Enough Water)

Once there is enough water in your system, it clears the toxin in your body and also clears your kidney. Drinking 1.5- 2 litres of water everyday will help you avoid kidney stone and achieve healthy living. 

Eating Processed Foods

Your burger, pizza, meatpie, noodles and many other processed foods have high amount of sodium and phosphorus in them.

Even those who do not have kidney problem and start taking foods with high phosphorus will damage their kidney and bones. So limit phosphorus in their diets and try healthy eating habits.

Heartburn drugs

Taking heartburn drug is not bad but taking them for a very long time will cut down your stomach acid which in turn cause swelling in your kidney.

This happens in long run. Please desist from using it over a long period of time.


Everything should be done moderately. Do not be overweight but do not workout for a long period of time.

Doing so will damage your muscle tissues and make it break down very fast. Please, don’t overdo it. Build up your workouts gradually- don’t suddenly make them more intense. Also, avoid working out in high heat and humidity.

Soda (Mineral or carbonate drink)

Some of you take two to three bottles/cams of soda every day and it is detrimental to your kidney and overall general body system. Reduce you soda intake.

Remember that sugar-sweetened drinks did not have the same effect as soda.


Heavy chronic drinkers may increase their risk of chronic kidney disease which will lead to severe kidney damage. Reduce your alcohol intake.

 Eating Too Much Meat

Meat has high acid in the blood that is harmful to the kidney.

We all know that protein is needed for growth, upkeep and repair of all parts of the body but let your diet be balanced with fruits and vegetables.

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