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Ladies, before opening legs for any man always note the following

Relationships and marriage are both stages of life for every normal person. There always comes a time when boys and girls interact with each other. Due to the biological changes that take place within one's body, there comes a time when both ladies and men feel like they need someone by their side to keep then company. However, this is correct if it is done at the correct time. When doing this both partners ought to be very keen on what they do especially the ladies. We have seen in our community that ladies have always ended up the one's suffering as a result of such carelessness. So, it is better a lady puts certain things into consideration to avoid messing with her life. Let's have a look at them.

1. If she is ready to bear the outcomes

This is a very important question every lady deserves to ask herself before following with any man. Unfortunately, most of the ladies do not put this into consideration. They will do everything out of peer pressure and self-satisfaction but ruin their entire life. Of course, we know how harsh the outcomes might be. Among the common one's us ending up a pregnant woman or even obtain STIs.

2. Health status of that person

Currently, we are living in a time when there is the rampant spread of STIs. This is an easily transferable disease from one person to another during intercourse. Most of us will always feel shy to go for a diagnosis and obtain a cure. Unfortunately, it's too hard to predict whether someone is infected or not and the best remedy is to avoid this at all costs. We are also having a rampant spread of HIV and AIDs among the youths and you can't easily detect this.

3. What is the reason making you give in to his request

It is too sad that most ladies are always doing it for financial gains. Ladies will always want more men so that they can earn more from where they haven't worked. This is where prostitution comes in which is a common habit in towns.

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  1. This is exactly what happens in our modern days.


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