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Ladies, See How I Prevented Unwanted Pregnancy Without Any Drug

One issue most married women have is Unwanted Pregnancies, yes married women also have Unwanted Pregnancies. In this case, these Unwanted Pregnancies are unplanned, sometimes s couple would decide that okay, we will give birth to just 3 children, but something may go wrong.

Sometimes you would get pregnant accidentally, even when you take contraceptive pills. These contraceptive pills can be harmful at times, and most times they do not work.

Instead of constantly taking contraceptive pills, this is what I did instead, let me explain very well.

I learnt how to calculate my period, alot of Women do not even know how to calculate their period, even as adults. This is what sometimes causes Unwanted Pregnancies, due to the big Grammer used to explain it, it is hard.

See The Easy Way I Calculated My Period Below.
1. If you have a calendar in your house, get the calendar, or use a paper and draw one month on it like the one I drew.

2. Circle the first day that your period started, then count 14 days starting from that first day the blood dropped, Circle the number that is on that 14th day.

3. Next, also use your pencil and mark the 3 days that come before that 14th day, then go ahead and mark 3 days after the 14th day.

For example, I drew this calender below, my period was on the 6th, I circled it. I counted 14 days from that 6th, the 14th day ended on 19 which I circled too.

I then marked 3 days that came before that 14th day, the 3 days would be 16, 17 and 18, I now marked 2 days after that 19, which is 20 and 21. So if I make love on this 16, 17, 18,19,20 and 21 days, i would definitely get pregnant from these 6 days.

Those 6 days are the days that I would Ovulate, so I always avoid those days, and the days that lead to the 6 days I always do this every month. This means that I am free on other days that I didn't mark, those are your free periods

You have to avoid these days that you have marked, they are very risky for pregnancy.


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  1. What of ladies with either 26,27,28 or 30days of menstrual cycle, how are we going to relate this calculation to our days. Thank you

    1. You can adjust the days to suit your body system


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