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Never Make The Mistake Of Asking A Military Man Or Soldier Any Of These 6 Questions

Being in the military is not quite the picnic that uninitiated civilians thinks it is. One can be easily deceived by the glamour and colorful attractiveness that surround military life. Signing up to the defense of your nation with everything you've got including your life is far more than a walk in the park.

There are a lot of military secrets that civilians do not have knowledge of. That's why it is hard dealing with a soldier as a civilian and not wanting in an area or two. There are also rules about soldier-civilian relationships. Things a civilian should take note of while dealing with a soldier. Below are 6 questions you as a civilian should never open your mouth to ask a soldier, even if he is your father or brother.

1. Never Ask Them When They Are Leaving Military Service

Even though being a soldier is very tasking and demanding, soldiers still love what they do. And so any soldier would feel uncomfortable being asked when he would leave the military. There is no need asking a person enjoying his job when he is going to quit. So never ask your military father or brother or uncle when he is going to sign out of service.

2. Never Ask Them If They Feel Guilty

Soldiers, though loyal compatriots of their nation, nonetheless have to do various horrible things to execute orders and get things done. Even though they do these things for the right reasons, like taking the life of criminals and so on, they still feel the moral and psychological impact of their actions. So you would be sailing uncharted waters if you ever pop the "Do you feel guilty" question to any soldier, even if he is your best friend.

3. How Many Times Have You Been Promoted?

Well, this is a kind of subjective question. Some can feel comfortable with it, some will not. But it is best not to ask. Instead you can ask the soldier their current rank. That way you won't need to put them through unnecessary embarrassment. For some soldiers if they recall others that were promoted faster than them, it can be very uncomfortable.

4. Never Ask Them Their Combat Experiences

Going to war is at the core of being a soldier. Horrible things happen at wars and armed conflicts, and soldiers witness them all. The sight of a human life being taken and all such. It can be very disturbing to tell a soldier to recount his combat experiences. They can still tell you, but not without experiencing mental disturbances. So never ask a soldier what he experienced in combat.

5. Never Ask Them The Number Of People They Have Killed

Now and then soldiers have to kill people in execution of their duties, whether within or outside warfare. Seeing a human being die, and by your hand can be a very disturbing experience. Never ever ask a soldier the number of candles (human lives) he has extinguished. Don't ever do it to a military man, especially if he or she is suffering post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You might find yourself in a very difficult situation.

6. Never Ask Them Or Tell Them That Someone They Know Died In Service

What do you feel will happen if you told a cancer patient of someone they know that just died of cancer? You know don't you? The same goes for soldiers. As much as they are prepared to die in service of their nation, they still love life and want to live and be with their families. Every soldier knows that his ultimate day is coming, when he will fall in service, and they are well prepared for it. 

But they can feel very uncomfortable being reminded of it. Remember, even if he or she is your father or mother, don't ask.

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