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Scam Alert: How I Was Defrauded At Alaba International Market Today (Photos)

A Nairalander Shared This On the Website, Please Read and and Alert It Can Happen Everywhere Not Only in Alaba International Market.

I went to Alaba international market to buy a set of Tokunbo Home Theatre. Luckily/ unfortunately for me i asked around and i was directed to a shop where i would find my choice. I got to the shop and i specifically told them I want a SAMSUNG Home Theater and the search began. They tested 3 diferrent sets but the last one got my attention and I asked for the price.

The seller (shop owner) told me it was 55k and i negotiated it to 25k and he asked me pay. I requested for his account details but he declined saying he doesn't take transfers. I quickly went to use POS, came back and asked for the SAMSUNG SETS i had priced be tested to avoid foul play. It was tested and i confirmed it. I paid, receipt was issued to me but without going through my receipt, I wrote my name and signed because i never suspected scam.

Now, it was time for me to leave with my purchases and the boy boy told me "the engine/DVD to the home theater i bought does not support or work with electricity but strictly works for only generator ". I asked him to repeat himself and he did. The statement didn't make sense to me. He then suggested he could swap the engine/DVD of the SAMSUNG Home Theater i bought for another one that uses electricity. I sensed foul play and asked him why he didn't tell me these before making payment.

Note: the owner of the shop had gone out when boy boy was telling me this.

Luckily, he came back to meet us arguing. I narrated what his boy told me about the sound system they sold for me he affirmed to it that the engine/DVD doesn't use electricity. I got confused and demanded for a refund. These guys refused. Insisting I take another DVD...i refused either that i preferred what i bought. They refused me going with what I bought. This infuriated a lot of noise and here comes in an elderly man who claimed to be the landlord of the shop.

He asked me what was wrong, i told him and he slapped the Boy boy. At this point, i knew I was being scammed but was helpless as well. It was just only me against Alaba boys. The elderly man asked me to calm down that he was there to help me out bla bla bla and requested to see the receipt that was issued to me me. Lo and behold, the subwoofer and the other 3 small speakers was not included in the receipt. They only wrote the engine/DVD they claimed doesn't use nepa light and even boldly put NO WOOFER & NO SPEAKERS. (indirect or indirectly, i only paid 25k for just the DVD player )

The truth was, i never saw these errors before the arrival of the elderly man. he pointed out the errors and finally told me they don't refund money in ALABA that it was all a trick and the trick was for me to pay any amount cos the sound system i bought was more than 25k that i would have to add more money for me to go with it. I insisted i don't have more money to add and they insisted i take a Chinese product. I no gree.

To cut it short, i finally found out the elderly man was part of them. His job was to distract and calm their victim down. At the end of it all, i only got the subwoofer and 3 small speakers. The ENGINE/DVD was not given to me.

This was my sad experience today in the hands of some heartless Nigerians.

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