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See The New Name Yahoo Boys Call Each Other Now

Yahoo boys are now taking new names. Before it was "benefit boys" reigning all over the internet in recent times, and again boys directly adding billions, pounds, investors and funds to their names on social media to show they belong.

However, the trend doesn't seem to end. They are always on the lookout for a new name and scheme of swindling and duping innocent people.

Currently, they are now being called the "Binary Boys" and this is also a new scheme they have adopted in extorting money from innocent civilians online.

They are all over social media sites persuading people to invest in this binary business online via the use of "bitcoin" and get more in return.

This is currently the new puzzle scheme these yahoo boys have adopted into tricking others to invest in it and get much return from it.

Even with the ongoing arrest made on internet fraudsters by the United State globally, these boys don't seems to give up and repent from their sins.

However, the trend doesn't seem to stop for them as they keep looking for more ways to swindle people online. More so, this is to notify readers to be careful of the new scheme they put out there.

Specifically, I urge everyone trying or interested in investing in any online business to have a verified source before doing so. These yahoo boys take over people profile online and use them to scheme people.

Advice: Yahoo still remains a crime and a sin against humanity and society at large. My honest advice to this set of boys is to go and learn some hand skill. Nothing last forever.

Being called binary boys, benefit boys, yahoo boys, investors, funds, billions, pounds, dollars and more won't change the fact that you are a criminal. Such things don't last.

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