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She Couldn't Leave Her House For Three Years Because She Was So Fat.

Chikota Light was a normal sized kid when growing up. She said she started adding weight later and it just kept on going until moving was difficult. It got to the point that she couldn't leave her house because she won't fit through the door and then finally, she could not leave her room. She had her toilet in her room and her family were there for her when she needed anything.

She weighed more than a car did. She said when the weight started coming, she would just find excuses not to walk too much. She used elevators and parked her car as close as she could to where she was getting off at. She said walking was too painful. She has normal sized muscles and for her, it felt like carrying 5 people while walking. So she avoided walking as much as possible.

She acted in a reality tv show with the rest of her family. "family by the ton". Her cousins were also really fat. She took courage from them getting surgery and decided to do so as well. Before the doctor approved her surgery, she was told to exercise a little to reduce the risk associated with the procedure. 

And so for the first time in 3 years, she left her house. The surgery was successful and Chikota Light has been grateful for it. She describes the surgery as a freedom for her. She is glad to be independent and do whatever she wants.

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