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Things You Do That Make You Look Older Than Your Age and How To Correct Them

No matter your age range, you always want to look like other people who are in this range as you and you start panicking when you notice that you look older than your age mates and might begin wondering why you appear to be older than your friends who are just about your age.

You could visit a skin therapist or a spa and they could prescribe and recommend you drugs, pills or therapy to undergo in other to return your skin to the youthful or younger glow it used to have. But I must notify you that undergoing these stresses might not be necessary as you think, why not just avoid getting your face to look older than it is in the first place by maintaining some life ethics? 

Though there are certain people who age faster than they really should because of the genes they inherited or a malfunction of their cell growth rate and they often don't live past 4 years old. But as long as you are not affected by this, then you don't need a therapy to return your skin to a younger appearance.

All you have to do is avoid these 6 bad things that causes faster aging appearance that will be listed and further explained below:

1. Junk Consumption

The 21st century came with lots inventions, machines, businesses, fashions and many others, but it also brought the consumption of Junk foods to many residents of cities. In an haste to meet up with work and still have time to engage in other activities, many people consume junk food because they can not manage to cook fresh and good foods with the little time they have.

Junk foods consumption causes damage to the body as it contains chemicals from storage as well as from processing, which can irritate your skin and make you look older than you actually are. Try to avoid consuming foods like pizzas, hamburgers, hotdogs, sardines, crumbs, fries, etc and see how your appearance will return to a more comfortable state for you.

2. Frowning

Frowning your face not only distort your facial expressions but also enhance the faster transformation of your face to an older look. Wrinkles are characteristics of old age and also characteristics of old faces. When you frown your face too often, wrinkles start developing permanently and this will ultimately make you look older.

You can easily correct this by refraining from frowning your face regardless of anything that might happen, always maintain a plain or smiling face.

3. Over Thinking

The face is a physical representation of the various brain activities and when you overwork your brain, your face will also display a sign of being overworked thereby making you look older than your age.

Always try to think moderately and learn to divide your work into smaller sections so that you will not have to over think and overwork your brain, this will correct your old facial appearance if over thinking is the cause.

4. Drinking Alcohol

There is absolutely no doubt to the damage Alcohols can cause to the body of anyone that drinks it. As it is a potent drink which can cause harm to both the liver and the kidney, it is also harmful to your looks.

Have you ever noticed that alcoholic people tend to look more haggard and unkempt than other people, then also have dull eyes and pale faces. These are all characteristics of old faces too, which means you attract the possibility of looking older than your age when you drink alcohol or alcoholic drinks. My advice is that you stop taking these dangerous drinks for your own safety and also as a means of correction to your appearance.

5. Poor Hygiene

When your skin is treated poorly from lack of good personal hygiene, it will also appear poorly to anyone who looks at you. A skin that is not washed, cleaned and treated will be filled with dirt and other particles which can hamper the healthy state of the skin. 

Therefore you should always try to maintain a good hygiene for your body if you don't want to look older than your age and end up getting embarrassed and worked up when you are around your age mates.

6. Under Nutrition

Eat adequately! A lot of people were found to look older than their age because they refused to eat enough food for one reason or the other. An emaciated face and appearance of losing weight are both factors that makes you look older then your chronological age. You should eat enough food if you do not want your body to look older than your age. 

What's your opinion on this? Comment below and don't forget to ask questions if any. 

Am reading comments to a answer. 

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