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This Is Why Cats Are Kept In The Motuary

Yes, this might be shocking but after going through this content, you will know alot about this animal "cat".

I Copied this Article from Opera News, it is written by Feyi-fhayy

Like we all know life is a like a coin that when tossed, it has both the pleasurable side and the sorrowful side . Today might be a day when you will be so happy as life will treat you like a king then tomorrow might be another day that comes with sorrow .

One sorrowful part of life that is inevitable is "death" as it is a dynamic process in life that cannot be changed, resisted nor stopped. For life to continue, death must occur that's why I say it is dynamic in nature . We all know that here in Nigeria, once someone is confirmed dead, he is taken immediately to the "motuary". A motuary is a place where dead persons are kept .Some people might think going to the motuary is a bad or uncultured act but I'm telling you today that taking a visit to the motuary isn't a bad thing to do, just like one can visit the orphanage, every matured person can take a visit to the motuary.

Being a pharmaceutical student, we are most times taken to the motuary for some case study, my parents on the other side take us there to show us some victims who are of the same age and they us some things about the dead persons .

In other hand, cats are also called domestic cats (Felis catus), they are small carnivorous (meat-eating) mammals, of the family Felidae. Domestic cats are often called 'house cats' when kept as indoor pets. Cats are known for having a long life time span of 2-16 years and this animals can never let their backs touch the floor except it has been discovered dead.

Back to the message at hand, I once had an interaction with a friend who is a motuary attendant and he told me that "Cats are always kept in every motuary " and when I asked him why such risk he gave me a significant reply that wherever you find decay materials, you will also see rats and this rats feed on the dead bodies of persons kept In the motuary so the cats are kept in the motuary so that they can feed on the rats . This cat perform more work than the motuary personnels are they safe guard the bodies from harm.

What have you learnt today from this piece ?

Do you have anything to contribute on this ?

Kindly drop your comments below .

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