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Why buy Curry powder when you can produce yours at home with these easy methods?

Time goes and come, back in the years, spices, seasoning and many other things where made by those who wanted to use them since there where no shops or stores where they can be bought, time passed and the human race evolved, some people even prefer to buy canned soup or produce of what they can cook by themselves within minutes.

People forgot the recipe to make different things and business men and women saw that as an opportunity to make cool cash. In this article, I will be showing us how to prepare Curry powder at home, this is also the real deal, but it is not a must to prepare it right now, it doesn't do any harm to have an idea on how to prepare it, who knows? You may want to start producing it for sale, try it once you have all the spices or boast to someone that you know how it is done.

All the ingredients listed for it's production are sold in stores, online and in supermarkets, they come in small jars or plastic. Most of them are sold by traders in the general market.

Equipments needed

• Tablespoon

• Plastic container


• Ground Cumin - 4 tablespoons

• Ground Coriander - 4 tablespoons

• Ground Ginger - 2 Tablespoons

• Ground Black pepper - 1 tablespoon

• Ground Cayenne pepper - 1 tablespoon

• Ground Cardamom - 1 tablespoon

• Ground Mustard - 2 Tablespoons

• Ground Tumeric - 3 tablespoons

• Ground Cinnamon - 2 Tablespoons


• Step 1: Pour the ingredients into a Plastic container

• Step 2: Stir it very well

• Step 3: Package it for use or sale


No knowledge is lost, there is no harm in knowing what is used to produce something you use for cooking, this is even more nutritious and better than many other store bought produce.

It also pays if you want to produce it for sale, this method gives up almost a cup of Curry spice so you can measure it as desired in your packaging of choice.

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