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7 Things All Guys Should Stop At Age 20 that could ruin their lives

Have you ever just saw guys in their 20’s that makes you question, “What the heck is going on here?”

 As a man matures you need to become smarter, wiser, and become more time efficient. You need to set a path for your future not doing things that could ruin you.

Today, guys I'm gonna be talking about the seven mistakes that you and I do every single time that ruins us.

1. Smoking weed

Your momma is right! Smoking does kills you gradually. Smoking weed is scientifically proven to affect your eupheral memory; which is the part of the brain that pushes you to make plans for the future.

2. Being on your phone for a long period of time

Everyone does this! Do you know being on the phone for a long number of hours affects your health?.

Being on the phone for long makes a blue light that's damaging to your eyes and most importantly; it tricks your brain into thinking it's still daytime even at night. Guess what happens? This doesn't allow you to sleep at nights.

3. Being lazy

This kills you!. You're not doing anything, just sleeping everyday is wrong. Even the Bible says;

"A little sleep, a little slumber, a little closing of the eyes, so shall your poverty come".

4. Comparing yourself to others

This is the major cause of low self esteem. Guys, we are all unique. You can't be like Nigga B or C. Just focus on building yourself.

5. You Masturbate

Masturbation is a killer of dreams and motivation. 99 of guys are guilty of this. But guess what? Masturbation affects your brain, it makes you addicted, it makes you dull, it reduces your sexual prowress as a man.

Masturbating everyday is killing so STOP IT!

6. Drinking alcohol

You would realize that the most foolish things are done in your drunken state. I would love to ask this, what's your gain in alcoholism? It's not a permanent solution to your problems as they would come flooding back when you're sober.

7. You Woo Every Girl

Most Nigerian guys are attracted to every beautiful lady with ass or bums that passes by and can't just stop themselves from going to woo or catcall her.

This is highly wrong, it makes you look cheap, jobless and of a low mentality.

Real guys don't do this! Stop it.

Now, it's a challenge to the guys, if you're not guilty of any of these, identify yourself.

So guys, which one of this are you guilty of? Voice out your opinions, don't forget to like, share and follow up for more updates

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