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9 Intelligent Animals That Are Said To Predict Human's Death, See The Signs Some Of Them Give

In the olden days, there are many superstitions, myths and cultural beliefs about death and also there are some certain animals that are believed to predict death, either that of oneself, a close relative or just someone we're familiar with. This might not be always true, but i guess it worked back then because many tribes believed in this. These animals give signs which have different meanings, signifying the death of someone. See some of the animals below.

#1. Dogs
Dogs have a great sense of smell and could detect if a person will die because of the biochemicals that are released from the human body. So if you see a dog behaving weird around someone then death might be approaching the person.

#2. Birds
It is believed that If a bird enters into someone's home and is trapped then someone close to the person's family will pass away.

#3. Owls
According to the cultural beliefs, Owls croack to announce the death of a relative or close friend.

#4. Bats
In western mythology, bats represent a bad omen or a world of darkness. It's believed that If a bat hits someone's window at night then that means the person would pass away soon.

#5. Cats
Cats like dogs, also have a great sense of smell. it's believed that cats can smell if a person's body will be dying due to the chemicals and odours that are released.

#6. Moths
It is believed that if a moth enters one's home then a loved one could die.

#7. Hen
We are all aware that Hen doesn't crow but If one hears a hen trying to crow then death is right around the corner for the person or his/her close relative.

#8. Black horse
Legends states that if a black horse stares into one's eyes during a funeral procession then the person would be the next one to pass away.

#9. Foxes
It's believed that if a fox enters one's house then a close family member will pass away soon.

What's your say on this, have you noticed any of this signs before? Let us know in this comment section below.

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