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A Poor Woman Gave Birth To An Ugly Child Nobody Wanted To Adopt But What Happens Next Was Unexpected

This is an inspiring/motivational real-life story.

Life is unpredictable. We have little control of the outcome of things. Not everything that we plan for will always work out.

When Christina Fisher got pregnant, she made plans with a rich couple to adopt her child in advance.

Christina could not afford to cater for her unborn child. She had a low - paying job, her husband was not with her, and she did not believe in abortion.

Because of that, she decided to give up her child for adoption once the child was born.

Christina made regular visits to the hospital to make sure that her unborn child was okay. No problems was detected.

On the Month of January, 2016, Christina gave birth to a girl, but there was something strange with the child's face.

When the Woman who was supposed to adopt the child saw how the child looked, she was shocked. She left the hospital in tears without any plans to adopt the child.

The child suffered from a very rare condition that affected her face. This condition was not detected by the hospital's ultrasound machine.

After the baby's adoptive mum rejected the child, Christina decided to keep the child

She also shared her story, and her decision to take care of her child online.

Knowing fully well that she could not cater for her new born daughter, Christina decided to set up a fundraising page online to solicit for money to buy the basic necessities for her daughter.

Less than a day after sharing her story, Christina stated that she started receiving notifications in her phone from people who wanted to support her and her baby.

People were inspired by her story, and of the fact that the little baby was rejected for being ugly, so they decided to contribute money and other things for her and the baby's benefit.

Christina was unable to give up her child for adoption due to the baby's defect. But she got something better in return, her child, and the means to provide for her child thanks to the people who discovered her story.


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