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Are you Still Having Rats Running Around Your Home? Use this Formula to Scare Them Away

What are rats? Rats are long-tailed rodents usually found around our homes, there are always medium-sized and are dangerous too.

Rats can transmit diseases to humans sometimes through biting, scratching, and sometimes leaving their waste and urines around the house.

Rats can also contaminate our foods, making us sick.

How rats are attracted to our homes? Rats are attracted to our homes due to leftover foods, messy areas, there always derive shelters from shrubs, woodpiles, debris, pet food, dirty areas, old dirty clothes, gutters, ceiling tops, and other places there may find pleasing too.

Use these natural home formulas to scare them away:

There are many ways to scare rats away but try these common home techniques, there are very effective,

Onions are very effective to scare rats away because of their pungent smells, placing onion bulbs around rat territory can keep them away easily.

And onions bulbs should always be replaced.

Garlic bulbs are also great too as compared to onions because of their strong smell, mixing grinded garlic with water and spraying around your home, and on their pathways always scare rats away because of their strong and pungent smell.

Bay leaves are also great in dealing with rats because of their aroma, its aroma tend to attract rats that may feel that bay leaves is food but there get choked up an eventually die.

Place this leaves on their path ways an wipe them out easily.


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