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Barely 48 Hours After He Gave A Groundnut Hawker And An Iron Bender 50k Each, He Has Done It Again


If you are a social media freak, I'm pretty sure you came across the news of how a young boy who hawks groundnut got rewarded 50k just because he asked the man to come and taste his groundnut after the man told him he isn't interested in eating groundnut. The man who is identified as Marksman Ijeomah is a business tycoon and a philanthropist. He is solely interested in empowering and reaching out to the poor masses. He also gave out 50k to an iron bender who greeted him by doing press up.

His goodness and act of giving became the talk of the town. He didn't just stop there, he has done it again and proven one more time that he is a cheerful giver. He is indeed making it an October to remember for the poor masses as he gave out 150k each to two teenagers who were hawking in the street. He did this so that they could expand their business and achieve their dreams. I know some people would say 150k is too small to start up a business but have it at the back of your mind that little drop of water make a mighty ocean and little grains of sand makes a pleasant land.

The Nigerian business mogul shared a post on his Facebook page about his encounter with these young boys.

Here is what he wrote below.

" Yesterday I visited coal camp for vehicle maintenance and I met this two street hustlers!

Asked them how they started their business, "we borrowed 25k each to start and we have repayed 10k back to the man who gave us the Loan".

I said ,

What will you do if I give you 150k

They replied " Oga we will buy wheelbarrow and stop carrying the products on our head then add more goods,

Oga we still de school we go use the balance pay our school fees"

They both received empowerment of 150k Each.

God will not force a miracle on you that you are not prepared for,

Until man takes action God will not Move in your Direction.

Finally nobody believes in your vision when you have not started it and learn to start Small at your level!

God is Winning Forever! "

See screenshots of his post on Facebook about his encounter with these boys.

All I see here is uncommon favour and I pray the good Lord replenish his pockets in a million folds and may all those whom he has help amount to something and may we all receive God's favour experientially.

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