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Don't be duped! This is how to know fraudulent POS Agents

POS is a machine called Point of Sale, it is used for money transaction and payment of bills. 

POS Agents are people who acquire POS machine and use it for business, they help people make money transaction, and pay bills, then get commission for it. 

However, this business is now getting jeopardized by some people who use it has scam, they help people make transactions, and in the process, record their banking details like ATM card serial number, and pin, and defraud them.

In order not to fall victim of this kind of people, I'll be sharing with you some tips you can use to detect them.

If you don't want to fall into POS scam trap, always consider the following factors.

Agent with no shop.

Most legitimate POS agents usually have a shop or kiosks or at least a permanent space, where people can always meet them.

However, a fraudulent POS agent usually have no shop, and this is because it will make them easily run away after committing fraud.

POS agents with no machine.

Most fake POS agents usually deceive people by telling them bank as not given them POS machine so, they will insist you use their phone for the transaction, and record your banking details in the process.

Too good to be legit.

Always avoid agents that bill a very low commission.

Fraudulent POS agents are everywhere nowadays, so please do consider those factors before making any transactions with POS agents.

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