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God is Great: Meet Ekaterina Lisina, The World's Tallest Female Model Who is 6.9ft Tall (See Photos)

God is really wonder, He made some people tall, some people short, some are fat while some are thin, but nevertheless the way He created you, always show him thanks, never complain about how you look like.

In this article, I will be talking about Ekaterina Lisina, the world tallest model whose height is 6.9ft.

Ekaterina never felt embarrassed at her height nor accept defeat, but she made a determination that she would do something great in life, now she's a model, and not just a model but a supermodel and also the tallest female model in the world, isn't that great?

Ekaterina Lisina is a Russian model and a former basketball player, she currently holds 2 Guiness World Records for the woman with the tallest legs and the tallest professional model.

She was born on 15 October, 1987, shortly after she ended her basketball career, she became a model, she is the founder of "World's Tallest Models" modeling agent.

She once said "I only realized I was attractive when I was about 24years old, and that being tall is very attractive"

See some her pictures below.

Above is a picture of Ekaterina Lisina and the world's tallest man.

Above is a picture of Ekaterina Lisina's Instagram account with more than 250,000 followers.

No matter how you look like, be it short, tall, fat or thin, never feel rejected but always tell yourself that "I am made for a purpose" and with determination you will fulfill the purpose.

And also never feel inferior, no matter where you are, always try to be the one to stand out among your peers, even if you're made a laughing stock, never let that weigh you down, remember you're created for a purpose.

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