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He Spends 547 Million Naira On His Body Every Year, Just To Stay Healthy

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Let me introduce you the superstar athlete that spends over 540 million Naira (1.5 million dollars) on his body. He does this to stay healthy and recover from injuries. This is quite different from the money he spends on clothes, cars, houses and other expensive things.

L eBron James or "King James" as he is fondly called in the NBA is a 35 years old professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, in the NBA which has the best basketball players in the world and this makes the league a survival of the fittest.

To an average Nigerian, spending the above mentioned amount may seem like a waste of money, but it is not to him because gets good results by still playing as if he is still in his prime and still healthy. He also earns far much more than he spends and according to the book by one of New Times bestselling author, Brian Windhorst "The Making of a Billion-Dollar Athlete by " by the end of his current contract he would have earned over a billion dollars from both his salary, endorsements and investments.

Just like Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, Floyd Mayweather and other great athletes here is how he spends 1.5 million dollars annually on staying healthy.

Why he does it

Well, he is over 35 years old and for a man that plays competitive physical sports, 35 years of age is seen as a retiring age for most athlete but he seems to be defying age since he started spending so much amount of money on his body before he got to that age.

How he does it

Below are the main things he does to stay healthy on and off the court. Here is how LeBron does it:

1. Cryotherapy (Freezing Hydrogen Chamber Treatment)

LeBron undergoes a treatment called cryotherapy, during the treatment his whole body is covered in a special chamber filled with freezing liquid nitrogen. It is not too freezing for the human body, the treatment is used to speed up the recovery of worn out or injured body tissues. A body tissue which would have taken 3 days to heal might be reduced to a day or less.

2 Hyperbaric (Oxygen Chamber Treatment)

In this treatment, he is zipped up inside a special bag (chamber) filled with oxygen, he sleeps in it for some time. This increases his oxygen intake level and makes more oxygen delivered to his bloodstream.

3 NormaTec Boots (Athletic Massage and Recovery Equipment)

He wears this piece of equipment on the leg to massage them and speed up recovery after strenuous exercise. It can also be worn on other parts of the body like arm and hips, it takes the shape of wherever you put it on and massages it.

4 His workout and diet routine

This is by far the most expensive thing he does to stay healthy.

a. Workout

He hired professional trainers that he pays huge amounts of money and he has a very strict workout routine that he follows. He wakes up by 3 am everyday, trains for hours and he really gets good results. One of his personal trainers was also Michael Jordan's personal trainer. Wow! That must be very expensive.

b. Diet Routine

LeBron has a team of professional chefs who cook his meals the way he likes them. He eats about five healthy meals a day and the way these trained chefs prepare these meals and what they use makes it very expensive.

If you are looking for a fitness role model, I suggest you look up to the likes of LeBron, Ronaldo and so many other good athletes.

In conclusion, you should try your very best to live a healthy life because your health is your greatest wealth, it is not a must to spend as much as he does but you should not spare anything when it comes to your health.

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