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How To Make Money On WhatsApp!


Yes you read right, whatsapp is one of the recent and quite feasible ways to make money online. Its not too demanding to begin with and if you put enough effort you can start and grow into something big in no time.

In this article I will be sharing with you how to make money online with Whatsapp and also giving tips on how you can grow quickly as well as some quality contents that you can use as your forte.

WhatsApp TV

Just like I referenced on my previous article, a WhatsApp TV is the nicest way a few people are making money right now.

How a WhatsApp TV works

To own a WhatsApp TV is free. Below are the steps to own a WhatsApp TV owner but first what is a WhatsApp TV.

A WhatsApp TV is just a public WhatsApp account you use to drive in viewers, similar to Facebook pages and Instagram accounts just a bit more efficient. Once you own a WhatsApp TV and start growing you automatically become an Influencer and we all know how big that can get.

Steps to owning a WhatsApp TV

1. Purchase a new sim card that would be used strictly as the number for your WhatsApp TV.

2. Download the Business WhatsApp from Playstore, then use the new sim from you purchased to open an account, we are not using regular WhatsApp because business WhatsApp can do handle a lot more like auto reply when you’re offline etc

3. Advertise and market your TV to get views on your status.

4. Choose a content to like comedy, entertainment, news, trends etc to be known for and stay consistent.

5. Grow your TV by uploading quality contents and consistently so viewers don’t get bored,

6. As time gets passed try and grow your brand and make a name for your self.

7. Before i forget to mention, make sure you get a logo for your TV, so it can be easily recognized by your viewers.

The speed you grow your WhatsApp TV depends on how determined you are and for most TV owners I know they got to 1000 views in just 2days

Like I said earlier by owning a WhatsApp TV you’re automatically an Influencer and you earn mostly by advertisement, and some TV owners charge up to NGN5,000 per status per day.

Top WhatsApp TV owners can earn up to NGN85,000 per month and you can too all that is required is determination.

Any questions I’ll be more than happy to answer in the comment section.

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