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Let's Make Babies - Lady Tells Laycon, See his's Response

A user on the social media (Twitter) has been seen in a conversation with the Big Brother Naija winner, Laycon, as she makes demands that she wants them to make babies together.

Obviously, what she meant literally is that she wants Laycon to marry her and wants to give birth to children for him.

However, after the conversation was traced, it appeared that the conversation didn't start today, but rather started the day Laycon led the recent EndSARS protest in Lagos.

This was made obvious through the response Laycon gave to the lady after she said "let's make babies."

Firstly, Laycon responded and said "Aren't you crushing on my brother anymore", and this was because the lady made a comment as she saw the picture of Laycon together with his brother during the protest and said she likes him.

Thus, Laycon seems surprised to hear the same person who said she likes his brother say she wants to get married to him too.

After her previous post was recalled, the lady then responded that she likes the two of them together and thus, can be with the two of them.

She earlier clearly said:

"Of Lay Lay Lay of Laycon!

iCONs I'm crushing badly on Laycon's elder brother o, the one on dyed hair I want him"

The conversation was surely a funny one as fans of the Big Brother Naija winner also made comments and was laughing at the responses of the lady.

See the screenshots below to see the full conversation:

After checking through the profile of the lady, she obviously seem to have a huge crush Laycon as majority of her tweets are either about Laycon, or she retweeted what Laycon posted.

In fact, there are lots of times she will respond to Laycon's tweets and ask for Laycon's new pictures.

Below is an example:

She's definitely in love with Laycon, and she can be termed as an example of a true follower, or fan.

What do you think?

Share your thoughts and opinions.

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