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Long distance relationship is truly dangerous, but see some tips that can help you sustain one

Long distance relationship is truly dangerous, but see some tips that can help you sustain one

One of the hardest types of relationships to sustain is the long distance relationship. There are alot of reasons why long distance relationships hardly work. Some of the reasons include lack of communication, lack of trust, exposure to temptations, amongst other things. I will however be giving you few tips to help you sustain your long distance relationship.

1) Always make sure you talk to your partner atleast 3 times everyday. Even if you don't have anything to say, just make sure you listen to your partner's voice.

2) Make sure you do video call with them atleast once in two days. There are some emotions you might not detect through voice, but when you see his or her face, you should be able to tell when something is wrong.

3) Have plans both of you will be looking up to till you meet again. You can both plan to go for a romantic dinner, or any other thing. Always make sure you talk about the plans, which will make them eager to meat you again. This will surely make the relationship much stronger.

4) Try as much as possible to trust your partner. You will be having funny thoughts about your partner cheating, but trust me if your partner is cheating on you, you won definitely know except you don't pay attention to little changes. So till that happens, make sure you give your partner a benefit of doubt.

5) Lastly, always try as much as possible to avoid disagreements. Even if you will have one, make sure it doesn't last long before you guys settle it.

Thanks for reading, please drop a comment below if you found it useful.

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