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Meet Princess, The Girl Who Removed Her Ribs And Intestines To Become The Most Curvy African Girl

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Every woman wants to look beautiful and no one wants to be left behind in the beauty world.

Some ladies nowadays can do anything just to look beautiful, even if it is to undergo surgery or by any other means possible. Today, we will be talking about a lady who removed 5 of her ribs and her small intestines just to look beautiful.

About Princess Shyngle 

Princess Shyngle is a Gambian born Ghanian actress, born on the 25th of December 1990 (30 Years).  

Princess Shyngle is one of those ladies who could risk anything possible do look incredibly beautiful. 

Due to the result of what she did, she became the internet sensation after her photos surfaced online and brought her to the limelight, as everyone was thinking if her pictures we're real or photoshopped.

In January 2019, Princess Shyngle disclosed that, she has removed five of her ribs, and her small intestines, as she also claimed that she will even remove five more ribs because she wants to maintain her hour-glass look, a look which she calls a work of art, as reported by Vanguard.

Earlier this year in April, she lost a pregnancy, which people blamed it on her tiny stomach, as they claimed that it might not accommodate the baby.

See more of her photos below;

Can you do this to your body, just to look beautiful?

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