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Months After She Converted Back To Muslim, See How The Nollywood Actress And Her Children Looks Like

People do say blood is thicker than water, and that's exactly what you are going to grab in this article. Here are the adorable pictures of Adunni Ada's children who looks exactly like her.

Adunni Ada is a popular Nigerian model and actress, she's known for her acting role in the movie 'You or I' which was produced in 2013. She has featured in many Nollywood movies including in Yoruba and English languages. Adunni was born on 7 June, 1976 (44 years), She was born to a German mother and Nigerian father. Adunni was brought up in Nigeria where she attended her elementary education before she moved to United States, where she had her college education and also worked in the housing and insurance sectors, before switching over to entertainment industry in Nigeria. Adunni also won numerous awards as an actress.

The Nollywood star was born to a Muslim father, she was raised a Muslim before she converted to Christianity. However, Adunni didn't spend much time worshiping as a Christian before she converted back to Islamic. Sometime ago in April, 2020, Adunni took on her Instagram handle and testified how she has been fulfilled after converting back to Islamic.

Adunni is married and she's having two lovely children (D'Marion Young, Ayden Young). Adunni children are extremely gorgeous and looks exactly like their mother. Check some pictures that proves they're stunning and proudly look-alikes of their mother.

These are most of the stunning pictures of D'Marion Young, who is actress Adunni first son. Check below.

Ayden Young is the second son of actress Adunni. who got more resemblance of her mother. See more of his stunning pictures below.

Thanks for viewing. Indeed blood can never lie, like I said before 'Blood is thicker than water, and these pictures has proven it all.

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