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My right leg is gone! - Kemi Olunloyo in tears as she releases her last message to the youths

Kemi Olunloyo is a US-trained investigative journalist and a clinical pharmacist. She had been following the #Endsars protest right from the onset.

She had been attacked online several times as her tweet was perceived derogatory.

Her Twitter account was taken down some days after been reported severely by communities of protesters. Although, she later tweeted she brought it down deliberately.

Dr Kemi Olunloyo who could sense the hatred protesters had for her took to her Twitter handle to clear the air.

In the video, she mentioned that she does not hate Nigerian youths, that her messages are being misinterpreted.

She disclosed that she has been on the sides of youths since day one. Not only in Nigeria but also in the united states.

She noted that Nigerians tagged her insensitive because her children are not in Nigeria.

She made mentioned her grandfather who was part of the Nigerian police force. Chief Samuel Akinyemi, deputy commissioner of police in the '90s. Kemi urges Nigerian not to assume she's defending the police because she's a member of the police family. "I'm on your side", she assured.

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo recounted her ugly ordeal with federal Sars officials.

With tears in her eyes, she mentioned how FSARS officers allegedly kidnapped her in Ibadan and drove her to Portharcourt.

" They suffered me, they took me to their headquarter at SARS. What I saw at sars, a journalist is not meant to see that. Men were held up in cells, 60 to 80 men in a tiny cell. They are just praying from 6 am to 7 pm because they don't know who is next"

"when they open a cell door, and I know because I have been in prison, 3 times, 4 times. When you open a cell door it's either they are going to visit someone or they are going home. But at SARS in Alu, it could be they are going to be executed "

After she was released, she talked about how she begged online for money to treat herself. She revealed that she begged Hushpuppi for money. "Hushpuppi mocked me ", she said.

"My right leg is gone", she cried out. She mentioned that she can't join the protest because she had surgery on her right leg which is healing slowly.

"If I die in the next hour in this bed, I have fulfilled everything I have to"

She affirmed that she has explored the world and more concerned about the youths.

In conclusion, Kemi Olunloyo urges the youth not to fall for audio actions. In her final words, she begged president Buhari to step down and allow Osibanjo to take over for fresh election.

Here is the link to the video on youtube >>

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