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Nigerian Celebrities That Were Shot, But Survived The Gunshot

Sincerely speaking, after going through the survival stories of these Nigerian celebrities you will be seeing in this article, all I can reason out that being a celebrity is quite a happy thing, but I can say that it is fearsome, as you can't tell who is your enemy among the people that come close to you, as you will be having so many people that would be coming close to you.

Below, you will be seeing 3 Nigerian celebrities that were shot, but survived the gunshot.

Nigerian Celebrities That Were Shot, But Survived The Gunshot;

1. Angela Okorie.

Angela Okorie's case was a close one to death as she testified that ten bullets were gotten out from her head. She was allegedly shot on December 2019, by unknown gunmen, however she miraculously survived to tell the story.

2. 2 Baba.

2 Baba is a popular Nigerian musician. On his way back from London, in July 2007, he was allegedly shot at his legs by armed robbers along Lagos airport road, however, it turns out he survived the incident as he was quickly rushed to the hospital.

3. Charles Okocha.

Charles okocha is a popular Nollywood actor. He was allegedly shot by a drunk policeman in Asaba on December 2015, however he miraculously survived the gunshot, as he was shot from a close range.


I pray that wherever you may go or find yourself, especially in this danger time, I pray that may the glory of God continue to keep and protect you and your family. For the Lord is your Shepherd.


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