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Not Lion! See the animal God himself declared king of all animals in the Bible

Many people believe that the lion is the king of all animals. This saying is even taught in schools even in stories especially those concerning fictions.

 But did God really ordain any animal king over all? Many will say No, but the truth is right under our noses. The Almighty God himself referred to just one animal as the "king of all wild beasts". This strange and very rare animal was referred to as "LEVITHAN" by God Almighty in the book of Job.

God gave a valid description of 'LEVITHAN' in the BIBLE in the book of Job 41:1-32,we shall read;

 " Can you catch Levithan with a fish hook or tie his tongue down with a rope?

 Can you put a rope through his snout or put a hook through his jaws?

 Will he beg you to let him go?

 Will he plead with you for mercy?

 Will he make an agreement with you and promise to serve you for ever?....

[verse 9] Anyone who sees LEVITHAN loses courage and falls to the ground."

In the above verse God was talking with a man called Job,and was trying to illustrate how non negotiable the beast known as LEVITHAN was,but starting from verse 12,God began to give a solid description of the beast,lets read it a little for the sake of those who don't or are not with their BIBLE's. Job 41:12-24;

 "Let me tell you about LEVITHAN'S legs and describe how great and strong he is.

 No one can tear off his outer coat or pierce the armour he wears. Who can make him open his jaws,ringed with those terrifying teeth?

 His back is made of rows of shields,fastened together and hard as stone.

 Each one is joined so tight to the next,not even a breath can come between.

 They are fastened so firmly together that nothing can never pull them apart.

 Light flashes when he sneezes,and his eyes glow like the rising sun.

 Flames blaze from his mouth and streams of sparks fly out.

 Smoke comes pouring out of his nose,like smoke from weeds burning under a pot.

 His breath starts fires burning;flames leap out of his mouth.

 His neck is so powerful that all who meet him are terrified.

 There is not a weak spot in his skin;

it is as hard and unyeilding as iron.

 His stony heart is without fear,as unyeilding and hard as a millstone."

This is God's own description of LEVITHAN,then to go straight to the point in verse 34, God called Levithan king of all wild beasts, here it is;

 " He looks down on even the proudest animals;


By 'proudest animals' we could analyse that a group of lions are referred to as ' A PRIDE OF LIONS',so if Levithan could look down on the proudest of animals then he sure is the strongest of them all and can only be silenced by God himself.

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